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Fighting For Victims Of Legal Malpractice

In business transaction cases, malpractice occurs when an attorney does not take proper care in preparing legal documents. Sometimes, lawyers do not understand the nature of a transaction, fail to include important terms, or fail to properly explain the transaction to the client, including warning clients about terms that might expose the client to liability. An attorney can be liable for transactional malpractice when the attorney’s negligent advice damages a client and a competent lawyer would have achieved a better result.

In 2009, the 600-member Orange County Trial Lawyers Association elected Gerald A. Klein as Trial Lawyer of the Year for trying professional negligence cases.

Transactional Malpractice In Orange County, California

A lawyer can be liable for transactional and legal malpractice when the lawyer fails to include key provisions in transaction documents, or overlooks key transactional points which should have been considered before the transaction was closed. Transactional malpractice can also occur when an attorney fails to advise the client about tax implications of the transaction.

It takes an experienced legal malpractice lawyer to recognize legal malpractice in a transactional setting. These types of malpractice cases are difficult to prove and require the assistance of an attorney with experience handling transactional malpractice as well as knowledge of how California law handles the subject.

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