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Binding Arbitration Attorneys In Orange County, California

Binding arbitration is an alternative to having a case heard in court. The arbitration process is typically more streamlined than having the case decided in court, and there are substantial procedural differences between arbitration and court trials. For instance, parties are not entitled to a jury in arbitration. Instead, the case is decided by a professional arbitrator. Discovery is limited in arbitration, and the grounds for appeal are narrow, unless the parties agree otherwise in writing.

These differences require the attorney handling the binding arbitration to know how to “do more with less,” and have the ability to present the client’s case to a sophisticated audience. At Klein & Wilson, our business litigation attorneys have the skills to successfully represent clients in binding arbitration.

Extensive Experience With Binding Arbitration

Klein & Wilson‘s attorneys have arbitrated many cases to conclusion in a variety of areas, including complex business litigation, employment, legal malpractice, construction, and partnership disputes. They know how to try a case to conclusion in the binding arbitration setting in a fashion that is convincing to a professional jurist.

Klein & Wilson uses multimedia to present its client’s message to arbitrators. One arbitrator said Klein & Wilson‘s presentation was the best he had ever witnessed and made the difference in convincing him that Klein & Wilson‘s client should prevail. Each case is unique and requires development of a personalized approach. Representation by an attorney with experience and integrity who is familiar with the intimate details of a client’s case, is extremely valuable.

Contact Klein & Wilson For Assistance With Binding Arbitration

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