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Knowledge Of California Construction Defect Law

Klein & Wilson represents clients throughout California in a wide range of real estate disputes, including those involving construction defects and other cases in the area of construction law. The firm possesses an extensive knowledge of construction law, with a thorough understanding of construction defects, and is able to handle even the most complex disputes. When everything is at stake, trust Klein & Wilson to find a favorable legal remedy.

California Construction Law And Construction Defect Litigation

Construction defects can occur for a variety of reasons. Sometimes contractors neglect to follow standard construction procedures, resulting in cracks and other structural issues. In other cases, contractor negligence leads to squeaking floors, leaking roofs or walls, cracks in the foundation, and many other serious problems. Still other defects result from factors outside a contractor’s control such as unpredictable soil movements or weather and the natural shifting of the house.

Klein & Wilson‘s attorneys represent clients in construction law cases involving:

  • Improper design
  • Improper construction
  • Water damage
  • Failure to use the proper tools when constructing the building, or addition
  • Failure to account for soil and water movement
  • Leaving open gaps, or cracks
  • Failure to comply with plans, specifications, and building codes

Klein & Wilson has significant experience investigating these matters and determining who, or what is at fault for the defect. The firm handles each case with both diligence and determination and has obtained significant case results for many clients.

Contact Lawyers Effective In Negotiations And In Litigation

Klein & Wilson represents both plaintiffs and defendants in construction defect law disputes. The firm understands that settling these disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible is often in the best interests of all parties. However, when settlement, or mediation is simply not possible, Klein & Wilson‘s lawyers have the skills and experience needed to effectively argue a case in the courtroom.

If you need quality representation for a construction defect dispute call 949-239-0907, or contact the firm by email.