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Efficiency Of A Small Firm With The Firepower Of A Big Firm

Klein & Wilson is a small trial firm in Newport Beach, California, that has produced giant results, including a $26 million recovery for one client. Klein & Wilson‘s clients receive the same quality representation provided by large firms, with the added benefit of tremendous trial experience. Moreover, clients receive close personal attention and cost-efficiency not generally found in large firms.

Klein & Wilson is the firm of choice for sophisticated purchasers of legal services who want trial-tested experience for complex business litigation and legal malpractice disputes. Klein & Wilson‘s attorneys have extensive experience in business and commercial litigation, including contract disputes, partnership disputes, shareholder disputes, and LLC disputes; legal malpractice; real estate litigation, including lease disputes, real property disputes, and landlord-tenant disputes; and intellectual property disputes, including unfair competition and trade secrets, trademark infringement, and copyright infringement.

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Advantages Of A Small Firm

Large firms provide substantial manpower to staff cases and have overhead to match their size. This overhead results in higher costs to clients without better outcomes. The net result is that large firms often “over-lawyer” cases, at an unnecessary expense to clients. At large firms, senior partners often pass important work off to junior partners who pass it off to younger, less-experienced associates. Some big firms assign as many as 15 timekeepers to a simple case. Klein & Wilson routinely sees opposing counsel send as many as three attorneys to court on routine matters, resulting in triple billing to the client. Overstaffing increases clients’ legal fees and prevents a single attorney from having a comprehensive grasp of the case.

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Klein & Wilson is discriminating as to which cases (and clients) it accepts because of the firm’s dedication to excellence and attention to detail. Klein & Wilson assigns a single partner to supervise a matter from the first pleading until verdict, ensuring the trial attorney is intimately familiar with every stage of the proceedings and legal fees are not wasted educating other lawyers. Associates only handle those projects that do not require the experience of the partners in charge. Despite being a small firm, Klein & Wilson has no difficulty keeping up with its larger competitors. In fact, some of the largest firms in California have complained they had trouble keeping up with Klein & Wilson. Klein & Wilson‘s Significant Case Results against large firms speaks for themselves.

Use Of Modern Technology

Klein & Wilson‘s attorneys are experts in the use of cutting edge technology during discovery and at trial. Klein & Wilson routinely makes trials more interesting by using multimedia, including computerized document and video retrieval, videotaped depositions, and animation. Klein & Wilson has such a prominent reputation in the area of modern trial tactics, that many of the largest law firms in the country, as well as the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office, the Ventura County District Attorney’s office, the Kern County District Attorney’s office, and leading trial organizations, asked Klein & Wilson to present seminars on how to use technology at trial. Technology is an important component of Klein & Wilson‘s trial success.

Early Evaluation Of Settlement And Litigation Strategy

Litigation is expensive, clients should explore settlement early and imaginatively. Unfortunately, many litigants explore settlement only after expensive discovery has been completed, and the trial date is rapidly approaching. Often, the amount of legal fees clients incur by the time of trial is so high, settlement becomes difficult. Klein & Wilson recognizes the best time to settle a case is at the outset, before clients incur substantial legal fees.

Klein & Wilson spends time at the beginning of the case formulating a careful litigation strategy, also known as Litigation Analysis Memorandum (LAM), that expedites settlement, if possible. If the case cannot be settled, this strategy serves as a road map to prepare the case for trial at the lowest possible cost. For a detailed discussion of Klein & Wilson‘s LAM, click here.

Most “litigators” are not trial veterans and take vast amounts of expensive and unnecessary discovery while overlooking crucial evidence. As a matter of course, Klein & Wilson spends substantial time with the client at the outset of the case to make sure only appropriate discovery is completed. Throughout the litigation process, Klein & Wilson keeps clients informed of the case status, seeking authority for each substantial expenditure. Because of this communication, clients can make informed decisions regarding strategy and settlement. While Klein & Wilson cannot guarantee success, the firm can guarantee its clients receive effective and affordable representation. And if your case goes to trial, you can feel confident about Klein & Wilson‘s experience in the courtroom. Klein & Wilson‘s partners are seasoned trial lawyers, not “litigators.” Our competitors know we try cases, and this often helps our clients achieve favorable settlements.

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