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Partnership Dispute Lawyers In Orange County, California

Klein & Wilson won $5.7 million in partnership dispute case.

Klein & Wilson has represented business partners in a wide range of disputes, including real estate disputes, failed business ventures, family partnerships gone awry and fraud. Klein & Wilson has successfully represented clients who were victimized by dishonest partners in control of partnership assets and partners who were wrongfully ousted from partnerships by those in control.

Resolving Complex Disputes Among Partners

Many people do not recognize that partnerships are much like a marriage, with the same fiduciary duties that spouses have toward each other. Those in control of the partnership must honestly account for income and expenses, and not take advantage of minority partners not involved in the day-to-day operation of a business, or real estate project. Strict procedures must be followed to dissolve a partnership and to resolve disputes with a troublesome partner. Failure to comply with these rules and improperly terminating a partnership can lead to liability.

Klein & Wilson navigates its clients through the minefield of partnership law. If clients have made mistakes before hiring Klein & Wilson, Klein & Wilson‘s attorneys spare no effort to lead clients out of the traps they have made for themselves.

Solutions For Conflicts In Close Personal Relationships

Partnership disputes are often complicated and require detailed accounting to understand the nature of the dispute. Because Klein & Wilson is experienced in handling partnership matters, the firm has access to respected accounting professionals and other resources to help resolve partnership disputes favorably for its clients. Moreover, because of Klein & Wilson‘s skill in the courtroom, Klein & Wilson knows how to present partnership disputes in a way jurors understand so they can reach a favorable verdict.

Partnership disputes often have a strong degree of personal animosity among the litigants, leading to an escalation of litigation. Klein & Wilson recognizes the personal nature of these disputes and does its best to divert the litigants from the personal issues driving them apart back to the business issues that must be resolved to end a lawsuit. See examples of Klein & Wilson‘s success in handling partnership disputes in significant case results.

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