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Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

We had a complex case against a large development firm who has around 10 times the net worth of our small company. The large development firm sued us for around $1.5 million after we sued them for around $1million. The case went on for over a year, the large development firm we were up against was extremely stubborn, aggressive, and difficult to work with. With the expertise of our entrusted attorney, Mr. Mark Wilson, the large development firm eventually realized they stood no chance. At the end, we settled with us getting over half a million dollars, while the opposing side didn’t get any money at all. Mr. Mark Wilson’s unparalleled level of knowledge, experience, and ethics has guided us through this difficult time, he saved our business.
E. Tin – 12/2023 ★★★★★
Lawyers Talking

We worked with Klein & Wilson on some legal planning matters and Mark Wilson provided exceptional service. Mark and his team took time to thoroughly understand our concerns and provided us with options and the pros and cons that we could consider. They were very proactive and providing suggestions and really listened to us and our concerns. They were instrumental in helping us make some important decisions designed to help us move forward in the optimal manner.

A. Han – 1/2024 ★★★★★

I have practiced law in Orange County for 20+ years as a civil litigator and have known of Mark Wilson as a highly skilled business litigator and well respected member of the legal community for many years. When I found myself facing an unexpected real estate partnership dispute that was acrimonious and very personal I contacted Mark right away.

Mark took my call on a weekend and listened very carefully to my explanation of what had occurred and what I wanted to achieve in resolving the situation. In less than a year, under budget, and without unnecessary activity, Mark and his very skilled colleague William Keith steered my case to a resolution that accomplished all of my goals. I could not be happier.

To anyone considering hiring Mark Wilson or William Keith I can recommend them without hesitation.

J.Manning – 10/2023 ★★★★★

I received honest, professional, thorough services.

P. Jackle – 9/2023 ★★★★★

Mike LeBoff and Bill Keith did a tremendous job representing a client of mine in connection with a complex malpractice matter. Klein and Wilson is the best firm in this space, hands down.

D. White – 8/2023 ★★★★★

Amazing as usual!!
I have worked with Gerry on several cases over the past 20 years and he has always brought the same ‘awesomeness’ to the matters at hand. He is great at seeing the issues and crafting a rational and efficient plan to address the case whatever the issues may be. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering hiring a trial attorney!!! Also, in my experience with Klein & Wilson, I have worked with several of the other attorneys at Klein & Wilson and have always felt that Gerry and Mark have put together a first class team. Klein and Wilson will always be my go to choice of attorneys!!

David – 3/2023 ★★★★★

Mark Wilson is the best attorney I have ever worked with. Mark and his team were extremely professional and empathetic in their approach to our situation. They are very efficient with their time and extremely knowledgeable. One of the most impressive things to me was the fact that they provided a budget after initially reviewing our case, and in the end, they spent a few dollars less than what they had budgeted. That HAS NEVER HAPPENED in all the years that I have dealt with a number of attorneys!! Our case centered on a fee dispute with another law firm and was resolved to our satisfaction. I would highly recommend Mark and his team to anyone.

W. Hotze – 2/2023 ★★★★★

When looking for a law firm to represent our east coast business in a lawsuit against it in LA, we were looking for a smaller, highly skilled firm to defend our business. We were impressed by the recommendations we found for Klein & Wilson, and we were not disappointed. Mike LeBoff and Brian Kelly showed themselves to be very skilled and practical litigation attorneys who provided stellar service in getting the claim dismissed. They also were very mindful in working to keep fees under

G. Mills – 2/2023 ★★★★★

We were very satisfied with Mark. Very transparent and personally involved every step of the way. Fees were reasonable and billing details were always provided. If you are looking for a litigation firm Mark is the guy.

G. Orff – 2/2023 ★★★★★

From dealing with a multitude of attorneys in several different matters, Mark Wilson ranks the top of the list. Mark is strategic and client goal driven. He is considerate of all the litigation pains from a client perspective, not only from the emotional side but financially as well. Without a doubt Mark is best in his field.

E. Choi – 11/2022 ★★★★★

Our firm recently engaged Mark Wilson of Klein & Wilson to represent us in a pending legal complaint. Mark and his team are the complete package. They first analyzed our case in detail, built a legal strategy, conferred the strengths & weaknesses of the case and then gained our agreement on the direction. Once we agreed on the legal strategy, Mark jumped into action building our defense that led to a quick & successful settlement. Mark takes a fiduciary approach with remedies that are in their clients best financial interest, this was a welcomed change to our previous experiences. We highly recommend contacting Mark Wilson for your next legal escalation.

Greenco Depot Aliso Viejo, CA Anonymous-10/2022 ★★★★★

I have known and worked with Mark Wilson and Gerry Klein of Klein & Wilson for more than a decade. They are amongst the Best Lawyers whom I know! Jerry and Mark are “real” Trial Lawyers, and get great results for their Clients. Mark Wilson is a recent “Top Gun” Award recipient as one of the acknowledged Best Trial Lawyers in all of Orange County. I have learned quite a bit from Mark Wilson and I consider him to be an Expert in Legal Malpractice, Ethics of Lawyering, and Trial Practice. I have no hesitation whatsoever in stating that Klein & Wilson are, indeed, the Best Lawyers in Orange County.

M. Hankin – 2022

This comment was collected as part of the U.S. News — Best Lawyers® “Best Law Firms” research process.”

I have been using Klein & Wilson for over 25 years and they are my “go to” law firm.

J. Perkins – 2022

This comment was collected as part of the U.S. News — Best Lawyers® “Best Law Firms” research process.”

Orange County Court House

Klein & Wilson is very organized, professional, knowledgeable, intelligent, responsible, efficient and hardworking.

Anonymous – 2022

This comment was collected as part of the U.S. News — Best Lawyers® “Best Law Firms” research process.”

I have litigated cases with and against Klein & Wilson and know their work product and strategy to be top-notch.

Anonymous – 2022

This comment was collected as part of the U.S. News — Best Lawyers® “Best Law Firms” research process.”

Klein & Wilson is an extraordinary law firm. Clients with important civil litigation should stand in line to work with these lawyers.

Anonymous – 2022

This comment was collected as part of the U.S. News — Best Lawyers® “Best Law Firms” research process.”

Klein & Wilson are a class act. They are extremely competent and civil but tenacious! I would hire them if I were ever in need.

Anonymous – 2022

This comment was collected as part of the U.S. News — Best Lawyers® “Best Law Firms” research process.”

Honest, Caring, Professional, Clear, Concise, Knowledgeable, the list doesn’t end in terms of appreciating and recommending the services of Klein & Wilson. Simply the best! Cannot recommend enough! We have multiple businesses with complicated contracts, and their advice was strategic, beneficial, just on point all around. So thankful!

O. Best – 9/2022 – ★★★★★

To put it simply – the Klein and Wilson team are tremendous. Mark Wilson is one of the most professional, responsive, intelligent lawyers I’ve ever encountered. Going through litigation is never an ideal situation, but knowing you’re in particularly capable hands that can achieve the results you’re looking for makes it a much easier experience.

S. Lee – 9/2022 – ★★★★★

My work with Mark Wilson has been extraordinary. He was very professional, handled matters urgently and took the time to really understand my needs. Our conversations were often and thorough while always making himself available for any further clarification. I instantly trusted Mark in taking on my case and am thrilled with the way he took initiative and got things done. I would recommend Mark to anyone looking for help. My experience exceeded any outcome I was ever expecting with previous lawyers who couldn’t get the job done. Mark is the way to go!

Anonymous – 8/2022 – ★★★★★

I had a very complex legal malpractice case which also involved medical malpractice. I was so impressed with Klein & Wilson from day one! They listened to my story, and I knew from the beginning that they cared deeply about a positive outcome. After I was first interviewed and they identified all the critical facts of my case, they put together a very comprehensive “LAM” (Litigation Analysis Memorandum), or simply a roadmap for the case. That was the moment I realized that this firm means business!

Over the last 2 1/2 years they were very proactive with all communications, answering my questions, returning my calls, and responding to emails. They made me aware of all aspects of the case and I was never left wondering what was happening.

Gordon Dunn is a tremendous attorney who always, very patiently, explained things to me in a way I understood. He was extremely understanding about my situation, was always very professional, and kept my expectations of the outcome realistic.

Gerry Klein & Mark Wilson are unbelievably gifted attorneys, that work very hard, sometimes seven days a week. They never miss a deadline and, when necessary, are aggressive. Their strategies are well thought out and they always had my best interest at heart. Ultimately, I had a wonderful outcome and will now be able to take care of my health needs for the remainder of my life.

P. Benitez – 7/2022 – ★★★★★

We had a complex case against a large development firm who has around 10 times the net worth of our small company. The large development firm sued us for around $1.5 million after we sued them for around $1 million. The case went on for over a year, the large development firm we were up against was extremely stubborn, aggressive, and difficult to work with. With the expertise of our entrusted attorney, Mr. Mark Wilson, the large development firm eventually realized they stood no chance. At the end, we settled with us getting over half a million dollars, while the opposing side didn’t get any money at all. Mr. Mark Wilson was literally god-like during the entire process, he saved our business.

E. Tinn – 5/2022 – ★★★★★

Mark Wilson and his staff are exceptional people. Mark is a maestro of his profession and has the integrity of the highest order. He is a shrewd tactician and strategist. Mark is a winner!

E. Christiani – 2/2022 – ★★★★★

I have worked with Klein & Wilson for several years. The attorneys at the firm are of the highest quality in all of the above area. I have both retained this firm to represent our firm and referred all of our clients’ business litigation to them. I find their attorney to be excellent problem solvers who always met the client’s needs. I highly recommend them.

M. Robinson – 2021

This comment was collected as part of the U.S. News — Best Lawyers® “Best Law Firms” research process.”

They are my preferred law firm, among other things, because they provide information on issues with very clear explanations so I can their advice and the reasons for it. They are very efficient, both with their time and their use of my time.

J. Perkins – 2021

This comment was collected as part of the U.S. News — Best Lawyers® “Best Law Firms” research process.”

Mark Wilson of Klein & Wilson did an excellent job on my case. He was professional, efficient, and gave me good cause to feel I was in good hands. He helped expedite settlement of a frivolous suit which could have dragged on and become costly.

Anonymous – 2021

This comment was collected as part of the U.S. News — Best Lawyers® “Best Law Firms” research process.”

I have worked closely with both Gerald Klein and Mark Wilson on several cases for our company since 2006. Here are the highlights from the main cases:

  1. We had been working with another large firm in Los Angeles on 5 cases over 3-4 years. That firm not only mishandled the cases, but their billings were fraudulent. It was a 2 month long jury trial that resulted in a $10 million verdict in our favor.
  2. They have just won an appeal in a fraud case for our company that will result in a judgment of over $2 million.
  3. Additionally, they are handling a third case against a very large worker’s compensation insurance company that we just won the appeal on that case as well. After winning the appeal, this case has the potential for a multi-million dollar judgment. It has been hard fought for 14 years. The most important thing I can say about Klein & Wilson is that I trust them to do the right thing for our company.

Anonymous – 2021

This comment was collected as part of the U.S. News — Best Lawyers® “Best Law Firms” research process.”

Top notch attorneys who are aggressive and polished.

Anonymous – 2021

This comment was collected as part of the U.S. News — Best Lawyers® “Best Law Firms” research process.”

I retained Mark Wilson as an expert witness on a plaintiff-side malpractice case. He did an excellent job and provided detailed and thoughtful opinions that were helpful to the jurors. Mr. Wilson was extremely responsive throughout the litigation and dedicated to achieving the best result possible for the client. I would not hesitate to retain him again.

S. Weiner – 11/2021 – ★★★★★

Michael LeBoff and Brian Kelly represented myself and my company in an attempted business ownership claim. They gave solid guidance on what I was up against. We ended up in a jury trial that Michael LeBoff litigated to a unanimous verdict in our favor. K&W did a fantastic job.

M. Honetschlager – 6/30/2021 – ★★★★

Mark Wilson worked with us on selling our business out of a partnership. The opposing party was not cooperative and the attorney on the other side was subpar. Mark worked diligently and concisely to reduce our out-of-pocket costs. His knowledge of the law in his field is unparalleled. His responsiveness to our questions or concerns was 24/7. He was positively the right choice!! I would refer him to any person or a business of any size.

M. Brunn – 6/2021 – ★★★★★

Mark Wilson handled our case efficiently and professionally. He quickly grasped both the fundamental and nuanced issues and developed a sound strategy to bring the case to a swift conclusion. He was cognizant of legal costs and gave us clearly defined options throughout the case. He’s a great communicator with excellent follow-up skills. I felt he expedited a case that could have languished for months due to an unprofessional and unresponsive opposing counsel. It was comforting to have an extremely competent lawyer on our side. I would heartily recommend him to others.

Anonymous – 5/7/2021 – ★★★★★

Mark Wilson of Klein & Wilson is a consummate professional. He handled our case efficiently; worked with our insurance adjuster; and settled the case in a pragmatic fashion that reduced costs. He is very knowledgeable, a good communicator and a pleasure to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire him again or refer him to others.

T. Nelson – 5/2021 – ★★★★★

Mark was incredibly helpful and responsive with answering all the questions I had. His service was incredibly professional, and he walked me through every step of the process. Could not recommend Klein & Wilson enough!

J. Yackley – 4/2021 – ★★★★★

In my experience, the attorneys at Klein & Wilson are tough, focused and dedicated to their clients, in counsel and in the courtroom. Mark and everyone I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with at Klein & Wilson have been patient, communicative, and very clear with me about their strategy for success. They listen to my ideas, answer all my questions and carefully consider all options. When looking for a serious litigation attorney, I learned of their very high win rate. They have demonstrated to me that they have a sound moral compass and the tenacity to go the distance. They are fair but they don’t back down. I’ve been impressed from the start and am pleased to recommend Klein & Wilson.

G. Bloomfield – 3/2021 – ★★★★★

A long-time friend formed an entity in 2004 to buy a major property of about 600 acres in the Coachella Valley (on which my friend was in the process of seeking entitlements to build single-family residential units). In 2005, in conjunction with financial partners I had known for some time, we acquired that property from the owner, who had encouraged my friend to bring in a buyer. Following that acquisition and after receiving entitlements for about 2000 residential housing units on the property, we and our partners sold the entitled property for an amount that was over 3 times our total investment. In 2007, the previous owner and seller of that property to our entity retained a law firm to file an action against my partner for a claimed breach of fiduciary duty. In 2009, the entity and I were added to the list of defendants. Fortunately, we prevailed in that matter. Unfortunately, the Plaintiffs from the opposing group were able to convince the Appellate Court that the ruling judge had made one or more serious errors and the matter was returned to that judge for corrections to his previous rulings. As a result, we ended up on the losing end of that judge’s two very large ($60 million plus) judgments, one against me and the other against my partner. I selected the Orange County law firm headed by Rob Sall to represent us and we prevailed. However, later in 2014, the Plaintiffs filed a new action in the Appellate Court in opposition to that ruling. We also put the law firm that had represented us from 2009 to 2014 (the “Prior Law Firm” ) on notice that we intended to file an action against that law firm. In January of 2015 we retained an excellent Appellate Attorney by the name of Julie McCoy, who was ultimately very effective in causing the Appellate Court to reverse and eliminate the previous crazy rulings. We were introduced in 2014 to the Klein & Wilson law firm by Mr. Sall. I found Mark Wilson to be efficient, responsive and knowledgeable in the area of legal malpractice, as well as being a good strategic thinker and invited him to join our legal team. Once Mr. Wilson became aware of Mr. Sall’s extensive knowledge of and involvement in the preceding long term and complex litigation, he suggested that, rather than his firm spending a significant amount of time duplicating expensive legal research and reviewing previous filings which had already been done by the Sall firm, we consider continuing to retain Mr. Sall and his well-informed partner, Suzanne Burke Spencer, which we did. This allowed Mr. Wilson to retain the position of being the lead attorney in our efforts to correct the serious problems (and the two judgments in excess of $60 million) that had been imposed on us by the Court’s previous rulings without him having a need to become familiar with all of the underlying and necessary details. Mr. Wilson also recommended that we consider mediation in resolving our claims against the Prior Law Firm, as had been suggested by the law firm representing the insurance company that had issued the Prior Law Firm’s insurance policy. This was a recommendation with which we all agreed and proceeded accordingly. This resulted in our entry into a Confidential Settlement and Mutual General Release Agreement with the Prior Law Firm and receipt of an appropriate amount of funds to help us cover at least a portion of the cost of nearly 11 years of litigation.

R. Gilroy – 10/30/2020 – ★★★★★

They really impressed me, even though they could not help me because of the type of case it was. The attorney called me back and referred me to someone that may help. Really professional! I definitely recommend them.

GMG Power – 10/26/2020 – ★★★★★

To the point, efficient, knowledgeable, strategic, exceptional follow-through, and always very responsive. What else could you want in a law firm representing you in the unpredictable pursuit of resolving a dispute? Klein & Wilson, and specifically Mark Wilson, represented our company in a dispute that was successfully settled. Now we can get back to business and not spend our time chasing the negative effort of a dispute resolution, but instead doing what we do best – delivering value for our customers. Thank you Klein & Wilson.

Matt M. – 8/26/2020 – ★★★★★

I highly recommend Mark Wilson because he is an ethical attorney who treated me with respect and kindness. I am thrilled with his work and would hire him again if I needed an attorney. Mr. Wilson prepared a thorough litigation strategy and litigation budget, he executed his plan as designed, answered all my questions, kept me up to speed, and I am very pleased with the outcome.

Jane L. – 5/22/2020 – ★★★★★

Gerry Klein’s expertise and attention to our matter was exemplary. I felt confident throughout the entire process and enjoyed working with Gerry and his team on the issues that we faced. I could not recommend the firm any higher – thanks Gerry!

Casey – 4/9/2020 – ★★★★★

Mark Wilson and Brian Kelly were truly outstanding. They really took ownership of my case and I felt like I was in excellent hands from start to finish. They were both highly competent, professional, knowledgeable and took a personal interest in my case. They were so much better than opposing counsel it wasn’t even close. The firm is very responsive and I felt like my case was always top priority. I would absolutely recommend them and will certainly use them again if I need to.

Richard G. – 2/20/2020 – ★★★★★

I could not be more satisfied with the work of Klein & Wilson on our behalf in a recent lawsuit that was ultimately settled to our benefit. Mark Wilson was outstanding in every way. His legal skills and intellect are superior and his integrity, professionalism, wisdom, and personal concern for us as clients made him truly outstanding.

N. Nemrow – 2/6/2020 – ★★★★★

In 2013, a competitor and DMC ex-employee colluded in an effort to steal DMC customers using our trade secret information. I went to our very expensive corporate attorney at the time who told me that I absolutely had no case and that they would not represent DMC. I found Klein & Wilson that same day through an Internet search and made an appointment the very next day to meet with Gerry Klein. Gerry listened to the facts, and then told me “you have a case and we will represent DMC.”

DMC offered to settle this trade secret case with the defendants for $15,000. The defendants told DMC to “stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.” About a year later, Gerry Klein won a Uniform Trade Secret Act case for DMC against these defendants in the Orange County Superior Court. DMC was awarded compensatory damages, exemplary damages, and attorney’s fees that resulted in a total judgment of $317,353.50. The court also awarded DMC an injunction against the defendants that prohibited them from soliciting or accepting business from DMC customers and from working with certain DMC vendors. And when these defendants didn’t want to pay, Klein & Wilson proved they are just as effective at collecting money as they are in winning cases. I have never seen a more effective collection effort in my life!

L. Sommerfield – 10/9/2019 – ★★★★★

Willing to do a thorough phone consult excellent advice

Rhonda Moynihan – 10/1/2019 – ★★★★★

Gerald Klein and his firm are real professionals and it was a pleasure to work with Gerald and Brian Kelly every step of the way. They made me feel confident and kept me well informed as events unfolded, and then they successfully guided me to a victorious finish. I cannot say enough about the efficiency and expertise that was delivered regarding my case. Thank you!

Julie Laughton Chief Executive Officer of Julie Laughton Design Build. – 8/21/2019 – ★★★★★

Mark Wilson is an honest, genuine, direct, efficient, and passionate attorney. If he takes your case, you WILL have a positive outcome. His reputation alone is enough to bring the other side to the negotiating table, and that is what happened to us.

I had a dispute with an attorney which I had tried to resolve directly with the attorney myself. The other attorney did not respond to my emails. I tried to take the other attorney to the Orange County Bar Association Mandatory Fee Arbitration. That was a joke! It was the proverbial Fox guarding the henhouse. Finally, I was lucky to find Mark Wilson, and I was lucky that he accepted my case.

As soon as he filed a lawsuit against the other attorney, the other side came to the negotiating table and settled the case immediately. If it was not for Mark Wilson’s reputation, I know the other side would have dragged us through a long and lengthy process.

I also would like to emphasize that Mr. Wilson is extremely passionate about his work, and that is what impressed me most about him. He is passionate about righting a wrong that has happened to a consumer as a result of his profession. He is doing the job that the California State Bar and the Orange County Bar Association should be doing, however, those entities do not have the power or motivation to discipline their members. Mr. Wilson is the answer to the problem of the dishonest and negligent attorney.

He is very much results-oriented. If he takes your case, do not think twice – you will be lucky to have him on your team.

S. Alikhani – 7/8/2019 – ★★★★★

Mark Wilson is an honest, hard-driving visionary. We were thankful to have Klein & Wilson represent our company.

Mark. R – 6/24/2019 – ★★★★★

Mark Wilson testified on my behalf as an expert witness in a legal malpractice lawsuit against me. The jury came back in a little over an hour with a unanimous verdict in my favor. Mark’s testimony was superb in that it reflected his knowledge of all aspects of the law regarding legal malpractice and shareholder disputes. He could not be challenged on cross-examination. I would not want to face him as adverse counsel in a civil litigation case. He is that good.

B. Wagner – 6/11/2019 – ★★★★★

Mark Wilson is one of the best expert witnesses I have ever used. He was on time with his opinion and communicated very well. On the stand his opinion was solid and well supported. He handled cross-examination very well. We obtained a great jury verdict in large part based on his testimony.

B. Pierce – 6/8/2019 – ★★★★★

I would like to thank Mark Wilson for his professionalism and for his quick response. Most of all for taking the time to speak with me. Although he could not help me, he went out of his way to reach out to a colleague who could possibly help me. Thank you again, Mr. Wilson, for your kindness. I will refer you any future clients.

D. Siofele – 6/4/2019 – ★★★★★

I highly recommend attorney Mark Wilson. He and his firm successfully represented me in a complex breach of contract lawsuit. In doing so, Mark was ultra-professional, empathetic, analytical and detail-oriented every step of the way. Throughout the nearly two-year process from our initial consultation all the way through a two-week jury trial, Mark kept me constantly informed of my options and available strategies. If you’re looking for the pinnacle of legal knowledge, ethics and integrity, along with superior trial preparation and courtroom presentation skills, Mr. Wilson and his firm should be at the top of your consideration list.

R. Feldman – 4/9/2019 – ★★★★★

Mark and his firm were an absolute pleasure to work with. Communication was prompt and Mark adeptly collaborated on case strategy to best serve our purposes. Mark’s expertise and confidence consistently allayed the general apprehension that comes with navigating the legal process.

S. Maddocks – 7/20/2018 – ★★★★★

I am an Ohio resident and a law firm here referred me to Mr. LeBoff for consultation on a civil case I was sued on, that I didn’t even have a clue I had back in California. Mr. LeBoff not only assisted me in this process, but also provided guidance, support, and helped me overcome this case in a positive way. I didn’t even meet him in person, but the way he listened and gave importance to my case over the phone and the way he managed the case made me feel so good that I would recommend him to anyone who needs legal assistance. I have no words to express my gratitude for your service and guidance. You are the best!

G. Garcia – 7/3/2018 – ★★★★★

Mr. Wilson is a brilliant attorney who works very hard for his clients. He is informed, honest, and a very compassionate individual. From my very first interview with Mr. Wilson I knew he was an attorney who would indeed deliver. Mr. Wilson always made sure I understood every aspect of my case, from the possible outcomes to the overall process. From the very beginning, Mr. Wilson kept me informed of options to take as well as the possible consequences thereof. His knowledge reaches far and is very diverse to say the least; there was never a turn that he did not anticipate. Mr. Wilson always answered all my questions knowledgeably and he always answered phone calls and emails immediately. Mr. Wilson brought my lawsuit to a very satisfying end and he was a blessing to my case.

C. Palomo – 6/28/2018 – ★★★★★

Michael LeBoff represented me in a $50,000+ fee dispute against a former attorney. What could have been an arduous and costly process, he resolved with a simple letter within a week. The entire fee was absolved, which exceeded my expectations. Michael was very knowledgeable, strategically savvy, and a pleasure to work with.

A. Moeller – 3/2018 – ★★★★★

I highly recommend Mark B. Wilson as an attorney. Mr. Wilson is a masterful litigator. His acumen and presence in the courtroom is unparalleled. When a judge complements your attorney regarding the quality of his final argument, you know you are in good hands. Mr. Wilson was very informative and efficient throughout the process of the lawsuit. He handled our case to a successful conclusion. I hope I never have the need for an attorney in the future, but if I do I will be calling Mr. Wilson.

D. Angulo – 1/9/2018 – ★★★★★

Klein & Wilson is an asset to our company – We came to Mr. Wilson through a recommendation by a highly respected retired judge. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the case. Mr. Wilson was extremely professional from the initial meeting all the way through the conclusions of the case. His communication skills are exceptional and he spent the time to understand the case fully and make solid recommendations. Mr. Wilson’s tenacity in seeking a resolution to the case was invaluable. We highly recommend him and consider Klein & Wilson an asset to our company.

B. Mckee – 10/9/2017 – ★★★★★

My wife and I purchased a 9-year-old house in South Orange County from a seller that failed to disclose multiple defects that were significant and would be very expensive to repair. Within hours after moving into the house, a major undisclosed defect became very apparent to us. The fun and excitement of moving into the house was quickly replaced by the realization that the sellers had taken advantage of us. The following Monday we began the process of identifying a law firm that could effectively represent the legal actions we needed to take. We searched the web, made some calls, and were eventually referred to a law firm in Orange County that came highly recommended. One of the law firms’ principals and the lawyer that would handle our case did an excellent job selling their services and convincing us that their firm had the expertise, experience, and ability to get our case resolved favorably within 12 to 18 months. The work the initial law firm did during the 38 months they handled our case was costly and substandard to say the least. They were very non-communicative, and even on two separate occasions had failed to appear on our behalf during mandatory court hearings. Out of a sense of desperation, I began to look for another law firm that could take the case over and bring it to a favorable conclusion. Fortunately, we came across Mark B. Wilson at the Klein and Wilson Law Firm. During the initial conversation and subsequent face-to-face meeting with Mr. Wilson I knew that I was dealing with a caring and intelligent professional. Mr. Wilson clearly explained to me the actions he would take to end the protracted legal battle. Within approximately 3 months Mark was able to negotiate an acceptable settlement with the sellers and negotiate a partial reimbursement of legal fees from the law firm that had initially represented us. Mr. Wilson and his colleagues do what they say they will do. They provide the experience, expertise, and attention to detail that is needed in any legal matter. Over the years I have worked with many law firms for personal and business needs and never have I worked with such a team of caring and effective professionals. Hopefully, I will never need legal representation again and if I do, I will certainly contact Klein and Wilson as my go-to legal team.

J. Martineau – 10/9/2017 – ★★★★★

Top-notch law firm. Mr. Wilson is an excellent litigator. Very smart and articulate! I would highly recommend him and his firm.

J. Milman – 9/7/2017 – ★★★★★

Outstanding Litigator – Our company had been locked up in costly litigation that seemed to be going nowhere. We brought in Mark Wilson, and he quickly understood the root issues and developed an effective approach to break the deadlock. We settled a couple of weeks later. Mark is very effective in communicating with his clients and responds to any request the same day.

John – 9/4/2017 – ★★★★★

We hired Mark B. Wilson to assist in a very complex real estate litigation. This litigation had been going on for almost two years and going nowhere. Mr. Wilson immediately understood the root issues; developed a clever and effective strategy using an unlawful detainer. The case settled three weeks after hiring Klein & Wilson. He impressed us with his outstanding client communications. He is available and responds quickly to any request. I give Mr. Wilson my highest recommendation as a civil litigator.

J. Stubbs – 9/1/2017 – ★★★★★

I am a real estate attorney and used Mark B. Wilson as an expert witness in one of my malpractice cases. The defendants had asserted, among other claims, 23 allegations of malpractice against their attorney in an effort to avoid paying their $100,000+ outstanding balance owed to the attorney. Defendants’ expert witness had an extensive and outstanding CV that would have intimated anyone, except Mr. Wilson.

Mr. Wilson’s advantage over other experts is that he litigates malpractice issues and can argue the nuances of the facts in relation to the law. He was quick to grasp the key issues in our case and focused his research accordingly. Not only did his testimony exude confidence in his arguments and analysis, Mr. Wilson’s testimony stood up against cross-examination by the arbitrator, a retired Federal Justice. In the end, Mr. Wilson left defendants’ expert in the dust when he testified that there was no case law to support several of the opposing expert’s opinions. As a direct result of Mr. Wilson’s testimony, we defeated each of the 23 allegations of malpractice! I would hire Mr. Wilson again without hesitation!

J. Vinci – 8/30/2017 – ★★★★★

Defending the Corporate LLC Veil -I picked Mr. Wilson to represent me in a filed lawsuit aimed at piercing the LLC Corporate veil of a company I was in the process of dissolving.

He adopted a strategy of organizing and proactively presenting all the data that the opposition would seek during future discovery, long before the trial date. As a result, I was dismissed at a fraction of the cost and hassle of going to trial.

Though there was ample data, it was Mr. Wilson’s ability to create and deliver a compelling presentation that was responsible for the result.

K. Years – 8/13/2017 – ★★★★★

Mark Wilson is a rare, ethical, and highly skilled lawyer – My company was referred to Mark Wilson by another competent litigation firm for a case that was going to be very complex, contentious and expensive.

Rather than ending up in lengthy and very costly litigation, Mark, through his own strategy was able to quickly resolve the matter at a fraction of the legal cost I anticipated.

In my multi-decade business career, unquestionably, Mark Wilson is the most skilled attorney any of my companies has engaged. At every step in this matter, Mr. Wilson and his team produced the finest, first-tier legal work I have received in my multi-decade business career

R. Cedillos – 2/2/2017 – ★★★★★

I was given the names of 3 attorneys in the Orange County area by my corporate attorney. NONE of them called me back so I began to search for someone that would call me back. Not only did Mr. Wilson call me back immediately to get me as a new client he was very easy to get a hold of from start to finish. Mark B. Wilson is a very hard worker who is dedicated to his clients. There were many times Mr. Wilson was working 7 days per week and very easy to get ahold of. Mr. Wilson is in high demand and I can understand why. There was no time in which I didn’t know where he was. Excellent communication, accurate assessments, and the understanding that I was very concerned on a personal level are just a few of his talents. Mr. Wilson helped me navigate through a major partnership dispute that turned into a buyout. He explained my situation thoroughly with recommendations of how to proceed. Mr. Wilson is very ethical with emphasis on communication and proper legal protocols. Mr. Wilson is a very methodical attorney who is not too quick to make decisions without having all the facts. Mr. Wilson guided me during a very stressful situation while giving me the confidence that I needed to make our “deal” happen. Mr. Wilson is very responsive no matter how big, or small the issue may be. I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs legal representation. I can’t say enough good things about Mr. Wilson other than, hire him! You won’t regret it. He got back to me within 30 minutes. Very impressed!

W. Liefer – 2/1/2017 – ★★★★★

Mark B. Wilson represented me in a complex partnership dispute, and he did an excellent job. Mr. Wilson knows his way around a courtroom and knows how to deal with difficult opposing counsel. Mr. Wilson was very responsive and resolved the case as quickly as possible. I strongly recommend him.

B. Coldren – 1/1/2017 – ★★★★★

Klein & Wilson has excellent lawyers with valuable experience and expertise.

Anonymous – 2016

This comment was collected as part of the U.S. News — Best Lawyers® “Best Law Firms” research process.”

Highly Recommend – After I had been the victim of unconscionable (excessive) billing and negligence in provision of legal services by another attorney, Mr. Klein quickly negotiated a settlement to my great satisfaction. He promptly evaluated my case, determined strategy, and secured a result which exceeded expectations—for billing which was extremely fair. In conversations with Mr. Klein my anxiety and doubt was greatly relieved. In discussing details about your case with Mr. Klein, there will be no doubt as to their meaning, nor will you have any lingering doubt regarding the overall progress of your case. Mr. Klein’s manner is tough, direct, and refreshingly assuring. If you are so fortunate to be represented by him, you will be pleased with Mr. Klein, his law firm, and their care and effectiveness on your behalf.

Michael – 9/19/2016 – ★★★★★

I hired Klein & Wilson to handle a legal malpractice and billing dispute case for my company. Right after Mark B. Wilson presented his opening statement to the jury, the defendant law firm agreed to pay my company a significant amount of money. The law firm also agreed to dismiss its claim for hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees. Mr. Wilson worked tirelessly for my company and restored my faith in the justice system. Throughout the case, Mr. Wilson kept me informed, he returned all my telephone calls promptly and he won all the motions both sides filed. He even persuaded the court to sanction opposing counsel in the approximate amount of $150,000. I strongly recommend Mark B. Wilson and Klein & Wilson Law Firm.

C. Hsu – 9/1/2016 – ★★★★★

Mark B. Wilson help me settle a case that was not going anywhere. He gave it his 100% commitment and dedication from day one. His continuous updates are impressive.

M. AlAbbasi – 9/1/2016 – ★★★★★

Mark B. Wilson is an experienced and well-regarded attorney. When I had a question about a conflict of interest waiver, he quickly answered it over the phone. It put me at ease knowing I had the opinion of one of the best attorneys out there. I strongly recommend Mr. Wilson and his law firm.

L. Kaufman – 7/15/2016 – ★★★★★

Mr. Klein represented our company in one of the longest-running litigations (11 years) in the Los Angeles Courts. We prevailed as defendants, after a four-week jury trial, deliberation was short and brief virtually overnight as the jurors saw the truth and ruled in our favor.

Klein & Wilson is an extraordinary law firm, I would recommend to any individual, small or large companies.

Mr. Klein has the highest integrity which reflects in his personal attention to detail and positive litigation results.

Klein & Wilson‘s billing practices are extremely fair based on the amount of detailed work they generate and dedication to their clients.

Mr. Klein and his firm deserves the highest award AVVO could bestow on a law firm because they truly represent how an attorney is supposed to represent, respect, and treat clients.

J. Minidis – 6/3/2016 – ★★★★★

Great Lawyer for a Lawyer – I am an attorney who had a difficult situation involving my own law firm. I contacted Mark B. Wilson for a consultation. Mr. Wilson not only responded to me quickly, despite his busy schedule, but also quickly formulated a plan to solve my problem. His advice was both practical and effective. Mr. Wilson made my problem disappear and saved me from what would have been a long and stressful fight.

J. Goldman – 5/16/2016 – ★★★★★

A True Super Lawyer – I have known Mr. Wilson for 16 years and he has helped our company throughout those years with various litigation issues including a four-week trial that literally saved our company in a non-compete case.

Mr. Wilson is a perfectionist and always places the client first by providing a common-sense approach to each situation.

He loves what he does and does it remarkably well.

I strongly recommend him only if you want to hire the best.

R. Gutierrez – 3/8/2016 – ★★★★★

Outstanding Trial Counsel – Hard-working, sharp, tenacious, and honest. Mr. Wilson sits at the top of a small group of Southern California attorneys who are considered the “go-to” counsel for complex and difficult cases. I have over 25 years of litigation experience and had the honor of providing expert testimony for Mr. Wilson in a complex attorney malpractice case in December of 2015. Mr. Wilson’s preparation and attention to detail are superb. He is easy to work with and is someone I strongly endorse.

J. Veth – 2/15/2016 – ★★★★★

Committed to his clients – I recently had the opportunity to get to know Mr. Wilson and his staff during the time I was appointed my niece’s guardian ad litem in a litigation case. Mr. Wilson and his firm are extremely professional, honest, and most of all dedicated to their clients. I especially was pleased by Mr. Wilson’s ability to simplify the content and complexity that some of these legal documents can have and explain it in simple terms making sure I had a clear understanding of everything that was taking place. He ensured we had constant communication to always keep me informed. He definitely gets a five-star rating all around from me.

C. Lacy – 1/23/2016 – ★★★★★

Mr. Wilson handled a construction defect, breach of contract, and negligence case for our Company. It was a complex case with multiple issues and defendants. Mr. Wilson thoroughly analyzed the construction issues, contracts, laws, insurance issues, and presented strategies we could pursue to a successful settlement. At all times Mr. Wilson acted in our best interests and demonstrated high standards of performance and ethics. Mr. Wilson produced the desired results.

Michael – 7/19/2013 – ★★★★★

Extremely knowledgeable, responsive and communicative. Provide all legal options in a very proficient manner.

Kyle – 7/18/2013 – ★★★★★

A Superbly Competent Litigator Who Truly Cares About His Client’s Interests – We retained Mark Wilson after the initial attorney that was retained by the city ended up having a conflict and had to recuse himself from the case. Once Mr. Wilson took over, he quickly and astutely assessed our case, identified our strengths and weaknesses and gave an honest assessment of what he felt our chances would be if our case went to trial. Mr. Wilson is very logical and is a shrewd tactician. He communicates well providing regular status updates on the case and always provides an objective appraisal no matter how brutal the news may be. Mr. Wilson truly cares about his client’s interests and is sensitive about not creating work just to run up billable hours. I have worked with many attorneys in my career and rarely have I come across an attorney like Mark B. Wilson who is not only passionate at what he does, but takes a real interest in your case and aggressively works with you to reach a successful outcome. Despite some significant challenges and sheer complexity of our case, Mr. Wilson was successful in negotiating a successful settlement to our case without having to go to trial. I would highly recommend Mark B. Wilson to anyone who has a contractual dispute or legal malpractice case. He is a superbly competent attorney who puts his client’s interests first and works extremely hard to achieve your desired results without running up costs unnecessarily.

T. Butzlaff – 2/11/2013 – ★★★★★

Excellent Business Litigator – Knowledgeable, incisive, and responsive. Tireless advocates and accomplished trial attorneys. Mr. Wilson and his partner Mr. Klein, of Klein & Wilson, are models of how litigators should conduct themselves in and out of court. They remain an important resource for my own business clients when the need arises for unqualified litigation assistance on complex commercial matters.

P. Kramer – 12/2/2012 – ★★★★★

Great Result- I hired Klein & Wilson to handle an insurance bad faith claim for me against 20th Century Insurance. Mr. Wilson planned a strategy and kept me informed of the progress of the case. Most importantly, Mr. Wilson recovered all the damages I requested, plus all my attorneys’ fees, and punitive damages! I could not be happier with the result and I recommend Klein & Wilson to anyone who needs a skilled trial firm.

S. Wilson – 11/11/2012 – ★★★★★

I have used Klein & Wilson for many years and have always been pleased. Not only is Mr. Wilson knowledgeable but he is dedicated to his profession and works incredibly hard for his clients. In addition, he returns phone calls and responds to emails in a timely manner, unlike any other lawyer I’ve ever used or heard about. I highly recommend this law firm.

J. Perkins – 9/1/2012 – ★★★★★

I have been practicing law for over 30 years and have had the pleasure of working with Klein & Wilson on dozens of matters. Whenever one of my clients has a civil litigation matter, Klein & Wilson is my first choice for a referral or co-counsel relationship. The firm produces first-class work product and is thoroughly prepared. Klein & Wilson always provides my clients with great, cost-effective results, while meeting or exceeding my elevated expectations.

M. Burnett – 9/1/2012 – ★★★★★

Go to Attorney – I have known Mark B. Wilson for more nearly 30 years and have referred him without hesitation or reservation on countless occasions, and certainly to my family and closest friends. Time and time again he and his firm achieved remarkable results for us on a variety of litigation matters, sometimes adverse to the biggest firms in the United States or even government agency. Mr. Wilson and his partner, Mr. Klein do their homework upfront, grasp issues quickly, and understand the pivotal issues. They then determine the most efficient path to resolution. They implement the strategy without getting distracted by unimportant issues or difficult opposing counsel. They are skilled trial lawyers and know how to make complex issues understandable to jurors of all backgrounds. Most importantly, Mr. Klein and Mr. Wilson are honest and provide sound advice, they communicate effectively with clients such that the client is informed and comfortable the matter is proceeding as represented. Their approach of study and analysis upfront lends itself to a wide variety of disciplines and matters. Surprisingly absent from the approach taken by other attorneys I have used, even those at some of the “name brand” institutions. I would and have put my faith and confidence in Klein & Wilson on any matter where they felt they could be effective. They have never disappointed.

R. Brutocao – 9/1/2012 – ★★★★★