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Quality Representation Makes All The Difference

Cases involving misappropriation of trade secrets, unfair competition, and infringement of intellectual property are often bitterly contested. Settlements of these cases can be complicated and difficult to achieve. Accordingly, it is essential for clients who find themselves embroiled in these matters to retain attorneys familiar with the courtroom (e.g., trial attorneys).

Finding an attorney who understands intellectual property law and has courtroom skills is not an easy task. Just because a lawyer practices in the area of intellectual property does not mean they spend much of their time in the courtroom.

Importance Of Trial Counsel For Intellectual Property Disputes

The intellectual property law firm of Klein & Wilson has tried dozens of cases and most of the cases it has tried have involved significant amounts of money. Most law firms emphasize their “litigation” skills and do not say much about their trial experience because their trial experience is extraordinarily limited. Klein & Wilson‘s attorneys are trial lawyers, not paper pushers. They know how to win in the courtroom.

Klein & Wilson handles intellectual property cases that take a variety of courses. Often, it is possible to resolve a case without going to court. However, when the case must be tried before a jury, or judge, skill and comfort in the courtroom is essential.

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