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Devastating Results From Breaking The Terms Of A Contract

Most business disputes involve breach of contract claims by one party or the other. Often, two parties will file reciprocal claims against the other claiming the other breached the contract. Breach of contract actions are the bread and butter of Klein & Wilson‘s business, real estate and legal malpractice litigation practice.

Breach of contract actions take various forms, including breach of purchase and sale agreements, breach of partnership agreements, shareholder disputes, disputes among members of limited liability companies, lease disputes, breach of warranty actions, breach of promissory notes, breach of employment agreements, breach of noncompete agreements, breach of attorney-client fee agreements, and general commercial litigation.

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Attorneys’ fees are not recoverable in breach of contract cases unless the contract specifically provides for recovery of legal fees by the prevailing party. Accordingly, every dollar spent on litigation is a dollar lost. What sets Klein & Wilson apart from other firms is its desire to resolve breach of contract actions as quickly as possible to minimize clients’ out-of-pocket costs. Klein & Wilson focuses on the economics of the case.

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Even when a contract provides for recovery of legal fees by the prevailing party, the legal fees can dwarf the amount of money in controversy, making settling difficult. Klein & Wilson‘s early case evaluation brings an intelligent approach to resolving contract disputes at the outset of the case. Of course, when settlement is not possible, Klein & Wilson‘s trial lawyers have the skill and experience to achieve in the courtroom what could not be accomplished at the negotiating table. Take a look at our significant case results to see examples of how Klein & Wilson has met its clients’ goals in contract disputes.

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