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Testifying On Behalf Of Lawyers And Former Clients

Klein & Wilson‘s attorneys are willing to serve as expert witnesses in legal malpractice cases — on behalf of both attorneys and former clients. Regrettably, many attorneys are unwilling to testify against their colleagues. We believe it is contrary to the spirit of the legal profession for attorneys to say as a matter of course that they will not testify against other attorneys who harm clients.

In 2009, the 600-member Orange County Trial Lawyers Association named Mark B. Wilson the Trial Lawyer of the Year for trying legal malpractice cases.

Expert Witness Services In Southern California

Where an attorney has victimized a client, a client should not be victimized again by the legal profession because they cannot find a competent attorney to testify on their behalf in a legal malpractice case. Testifying in legal malpractice cases helps maintain the integrity of the profession. A client who has suffered injury from legal malpractice deserves a reliable and ethical attorney who will testify on their behalf.

Klein & Wilson‘s attorneys have substantial experience in a wide variety of business, commercial real estate, intellectual property, and professional negligence matters to be of assistance to both clients and attorneys in legal malpractice cases.

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