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Protecting Your Valuable Intellectual Property

Klein & Wilson Won $1.4 Million in Copyright Infringement Case.

The protection of intellectual property is crucial to the continued success of many businesses. This includes the protection of clients’ trademarks, tradenames, copyrights, processes, technology, and products. Klein & Wilson assists companies in protecting their interests and also represents clients wrongly accused of violating intellectual property rights. Whatever side you are on, you can depend on Klein & Wilson to maximize your chances of success.

California Intellectual Property Rights Lawyers

Klein & Wilson recognizes that the California economy is largely driven by manufacturing ideas and know-how. Intellectual Property makes the American economy grow. Intellectual property is among the most valued assets of many companies. Klein & Wilson has experience and success in defending intellectual property, including copyrights, trade secrets, and trademarks.

When a company has its intellectual property on the line, it is critical to retain lawyers who can understand intellectual property law and who have the necessary courtroom experience.

Experience That Matters

Klein & Wilson‘s attorneys have extensive experience in intellectual property litigation and business litigation matters. Their lawyers can assist clients with issues such as:

Klein & Wilson‘s partners bring the knowledge and insight gained from over a half century of legal experience to each case. If you have a serious intellectual property dispute that must be handled with prudence and care, Klein & Wilson is the firm for you.

Intellectual Property Litigation For Clients in Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County And The Inland Empire

Many companies view their intellectual property, such as trade secrets, copyrights and trademarks, as their most valuable asset. When a competitor misappropriates a trade secret or infringes on intellectual property, it is important for companies to act quickly to stop the competitor. Otherwise, the intellectual property owner can lose significant profits, and its reputation can be damaged. Similarly, when a competitor unfairly competes, decisive action is necessary to mitigate damages.

Over 20 Years Of Success

Klein & Wilson‘s attorneys have a thorough understanding of this complex area of law, and have obtained many successful settlements and verdicts for their clients, including $1.4 million in a copyright infringement case. Please see their copyright infringement and trademark infringement results for a list of significant cases.

Contact The Newport Beach Trade Secrets Attorneys At Klein & Wilson

Klein & Wilson represents both individuals and companies in intellectual property disputes. To reach our experienced attorneys about intellectual property matters call 949-239-0907, or contact the firm by email.

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