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Specific Questions for Business Litigation Cases on a Contingency Fee or Hybrid Fee Basis

Why should clients consider hiring Klein & Wilson LLP to handle their legal business litigation case on a hybrid or contingency fee basis?

  • The business litigation cases that we handle are usually complex, requiring significant discovery, expert witness testimony, and several substantive hearings before we get to trial.
  • We accept very few cases. We take a tailored approach to your case.
  • Most of the time, we prepare a unique and thorough case evaluation at the outset of a case which provides clients a roadmap of their case through trial. This roadmap identifies strengths, weaknesses, and a case theme that we use at every stage of the case.
  • We have been representing clients in business litigation cases since 1994.
  • We have won awards for our work, including trial lawyer of the year from the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association.
  • We have been recognized by every major industry rating publication as being at the top of our field.
  • All our partners have served as the Chair of the OCBA Business Litigation section – the largest section of the OCBA.
  • We have been on the board of directors of the Association of Business Trial Lawyers for the last 12 years – a position that is typically reserved for BigLaw, not boutique law firms like ours.
  • Our colleagues trust us with their referrals.
  • Hybrid and contingency fee arrangements can make litigation more affordable for you than pure hourly fee arrangements, particularly if you lack the resources to proceed on a full hourly basis.
  • If we are willing to accept your case on a hybrid or contingency fee basis, then you know that we see significant value in your case, and we have an incentive that aligns with yours, to maximize your recovery.
  • Hybrid and contingency fee arrangements reduce some of the financial barriers to litigation.
  • Klein & Wilson LLP has a history of success in settling large cases and winning big trials if the cases don’t settle.
    • We have recovered almost $300 million for clients in business litigation and legal malpractice cases.
    • We have won over 90 percent of the cases that we have tried before juries, judges, and arbitrators.
    • Our keys to success are:
      • thorough case evaluation
      • development of a case theme and presentation of your case around that theme and
      • the use of multimedia to present your story in court.

What types of business litigation cases does Klein & Wilson LLP handle?

  • Contract disputes, like when a company breaks a promise to you, causing you to lose profits.
  • LLC disputes, like when an LLC makes a decision that harms a minority member.
  • Partnership disputes – an example would be when one partner cheats another partner.
  • Real estate disputes, like when a developer breaks promises to investors, and they lose their money on a deal.
  • Trade secrets cases – a common claim is a key employee quits his job, steals the employer’s trade secrets, and then sets up a competing business.
  • Intellectual property disputes, which include trademark and copyright infringement claims.

How long has Klein & Wilson LLP been handling Business litigation cases? What are some of your accolades?

Gerry Klein and Mark Wilson formed Klein & Wilson LLP in 1994. Since then, Klein & Wilson LLP has grown substantially and is considered one of the top Orange County firms in business litigation and legal malpractice.

We have received many accolades and awards from our colleagues.

We have received trial of the year awards from Orange County ABOTA, Orange County Trial Lawyers Association, and Best Lawyers, the oldest peer review publication company in the legal profession.

Best Lawyers has regularly listed Klein & Wilson LLP as a Tier One law firm in commercial litigation, legal malpractice, intellectual property litigation, and real estate litigation.

The Daily Journal, the top industry newspaper, has featured Klein & Wilson LLP as one of the top trial firms in the state as well as one of the top legal malpractice firms in the state.

We have been selected to several Super Lawyers lists, including the Top 50 in Orange County and Top 100 in Southern California.

Our peers have selected three of our lawyers to be on the Association of Business Trial Lawyers Board of Governors, an honor typically reserved for partners in much bigger law firms.

Our peers also selected each of the partners to lead the Business Litigation Section of the Orange County Bar Association.

When should potential clients call Klein & Wilson LLP to discuss their business litigation case?

You should call us if you have suffered over $5 million in damages arising from a business, partnership, real estate, or intellectual property dispute. These are the cases upon which Klein & Wilson LLP was founded. We will take good care of you.