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Poor Communication And Failure To Warn

Lawyers must act proactively to protect their clients and ensure a strong, effective legal relationship. This can run the gamut from providing helpful advice to reviewing any business contract before it is signed so a client can avoid costly loopholes. Failing to act proactively in the best interest of the client can lead to devastating results as the client can be blindsided by staggering consequences.

For more than 20 years, the attorneys at Klein & Wilson have represented clients in Newport Beach and cities throughout California. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for lawyers to choose to deliver only the good news — only messages clients want to hear — rather than providing the entire story. If a client is facing a potential conflict, or is actively taking steps that might result in harm, it is the lawyer’s duty to communicate those risks.

In 2009, the 600-member Orange County Trial Lawyers Association elected Gerald A. Klein as Trial Lawyer of the Year for trying professional negligence cases.

Legal malpractice cases centering on poor communication might involve:

  • An attorney failing to request information in a timely manner
  • An attorney failing to recognize and warn the client of potential statute of limitations issues
  • An attorney failing to communicate necessary, albeit negative, information to the client

It is crucial that a lawyer takes the time to caution a client regarding potentially harmful actions. If you feel that your attorney compromised your case due to poor communication, or a failure to warn, our firm stands ready to help.

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