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Commercial Lease Dispute Attorneys In Southern California

Klein & Wilson represents both landlords and business tenants in commercial lease disputes. Commercial landlord/tenant disputes include failure to live up to lease covenants, such as failure to maintain property in a reasonable condition, and failure to pay rent. When lease disputes cannot be resolved at the early stages of a case, Klein & Wilson has the experience and expertise to win commercial unlawful detainer trials. The unlawful detainer process is a minefield for the unwary, and a single technical mistake can lead to judgment in favor of the tenant on procedural grounds.


Resolving Complex Disputes Between Landlords And Tenants

Klein & Wilson has successfully represented landlords at the trial and appellate level, including evicting a bank in the published seminal decision Plaza Freeway Limited Partnership v. First Mountain Bank (2000) 81 Cal.App.4th 61. This decision remains the leading case in California on estoppel certificates. Because of Klein & Wilson‘s litigation and appellate efforts, Klein & Wilson‘s client succeeded in evicting its tenant on technical grounds relating to the estoppel certificate, even though the Bank was able to show substantial hardship due to the eviction.

In a bitterly contested unlawful detainer action in Orange County, Klein & Wilson not only evicted a corporate tenant but convicted the president of the company of contempt when the company tried to hide assets during Klein & Wilson‘s collection efforts. Klein & Wilson also has had great success in recovering legal fees arising out of unlawful detainer proceedings.

Success In Major Commercial Real Estate Cases

In another case, Klein & Wilson represented a landlord who, unsuccessfully, tried to evict a tenant who caused problems for years. Klein & Wilson‘s attorneys filed an unlawful detainer action against the problematic tenant and prevailed at trial. The trial court declared the lease forfeited, evicted the tenant, and awarded Klein & Wilson‘s client attorneys’ fees.

In one of the largest unlawful detainer cases in California history, Klein & Wilson represented several hundred residents of the El Morro Village Mobile Home Park in Orange County, California, who fought eviction by the State of California. Klein & Wilson successfully delayed eviction for over 14 months and entered into a favorable settlement, saving its clients millions of dollars in repair costs. See our significant case results page for a sample of our successes.

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