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Understanding Trial And Litigation Malpractice

The only attorneys who try cases every week are the ones on television. Clients expect that attorneys who promote themselves as litigators also have substantial trial experience. Usually, that is not the case. Most “litigators” have never tried a single jury trial to verdict.

If you have been misled by an attorney and have suffered the consequences of an attorney’s negligence, contact the trial and litigation malpractice lawyers at Klein & Wilson.

In 2009, the 600-member Orange County Trial Lawyers Association elected Gerald A. Klein as Trial Lawyer of the Year for trying professional negligence cases.

Trial And Litigation Malpractice Attorneys In California

Litigation malpractice occurs all too frequently, resulting in disastrous consequences to clients. Sometimes, busy lawyers take on more work than they can handle and miss key deadlines. Sometimes litigation malpractice occurs through sloppy work habits resulting in overlooked claims and inadequate research. Poor litigation skills can lead to early dismissal of a case, or entry of a judgment against a client causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages, or more.

Trial malpractice occurs when an attorney’s trial presentation falls below the standard of care. Litigation and trial malpractice cases are difficult to prove as the client must not only prove the attorney’s malpractice, but must also prove the client would have won the underlying trial but for the attorney’s malpractice. For a client to win a malpractice action, they must be represented by an attorney with outstanding trial skills who has wide experience in a broad range of subject matters. Klein & Wilson has the broad trial experience to handle virtually any legal malpractice case involving litigation or trial malpractice. Klein & Wilson‘s legal malpractice results show the broad range of areas Klein & Wilson has successfully handled for its clients.

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