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Legal Malpractice in an Employment Dispute

Defendant’s lawyers represented Klein & Wilson‘s client in an employment dispute. Although the client followed the attorney’s advice, the employee filed suit anyway. The client hired a new law firm and the new law firm concluded the original advice was incorrect. Klein & Wilson settled the matter by collecting $250,000 from the law firm on behalf of the client.

Klein & Wilson‘s client was represented by a large intellectual property firm. The law firm failed to comply with Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, rule 26. After the law firm and client were severely sanctioned, the law firm hired a second prominent intellectual property firm to represent them. The second firm also made substantial mistakes in representing a client and the trial court dismissed the action because of discovery sanctions by both law firms. The first law firm claimed it was owed fees of approximately $1 million. Klein & Wilson successfully convinced the first law firm to waive approximately $1 million in fees it claimed were still owed and to pay the client $350,000. Klein & Wilson did not sue the second law firm because the client had ongoing relationships with that firm.

, a trial attorney, has won nearly every case he has tried or arbitrated. He lost only one jury trial and obtained a complete reversal on appeal. Mr. Wilson represents clients in business litigation and legal malpractice cases and was named in the 2017 – 2020 SuperLawyers Top 50 Orange County lists. Mr. Wilson is a California State Bar certified specialist in Legal Malpractice Law and can be reached at 949-239-0907; [email protected];