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How to Avoid Legal Malpractice Claims

How to Avoid Legal Malpractice Claims | Klein & Wilson

Transcript: ATTORNEY: My name is Mark Wilson. I’m a trial attorney and I specialize in legal malpractice cases and business litigation. I’ve been practicing law in Orange County for 25 years. And the purpose of the seminar is to try and give you some information to help you avoid legal malpractice cases. A lot of what I see and what I’ve learned is through mistakes of other attorneys in the legal malpractice cases that I handle. And I want to see if you can try and avoid some of these big mistakes. And before I talk about these common mistakes that lawyers make, I want to just have a look at what can happen when lawyers make mistakes. And that is they can wind up in the newspaper in a case like this that my law firm handled. You want to avoid this at all costs. So let’s consider first how lawyers are perceived by the public. Unfortunately, lawyers don’t have a great reputation. It’s because a few lawyers don’t act honorably that the rest of us get tainted. And so while I find a lot of these lawyer jokes funny, the fact there are so many of them indicates that there’s something wrong with our perception. But this is the perception that we face in the world. So we have to deal with that as we’re moving along in our practice and making sure we don’t make mistakes.