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Breach of Contract Unlawful Detainer Attorneys Orange County, CA


January 2010


Breach of Contract

Unlawful Detainer

SETTLEMENT: $2,021,291.

CASE/NUMBER: TriMas Corporation v. United Colors of America / BC414729.

COURT/DATE: Los Angeles Superior Central / Dec. 10, 2009.

ATTORNEYS: Plaintiff – Mark B. Wilson (Klein & Wilson, Newport Beach).

Defendant – Jennifer A. Smith (Buchalter Nemer, Los Angeles).

FACTS: Plaintiff TriMas Corporation leased commercial property to defendant United Colors of America (United Colors). After United Colors failed to pay rent on the property, TriMas brought an action for unlawful detainer. The parties agreed to appointment of a referee to evaluate the claims.

PLAINTIFF’S CONTENTIONS: TriMas alleged that United Colors failed to pay rent for the property.

DEFENDANT’S CONTENTIONS: United Colors claimed that TriMas did not accurately bill it for utilities.

RESULT: After the referee delivered his report, the case was settled.

The parties settled the claim, requiring United Colors to pay TriMas by Jan. 31, 2010, or be evicted.

FILING DATE: May 29, 2009.