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Litigation Roadmap

Klein & Wilson believes clients should understand the claims they want to pursue and must defend before they decide whether to engage in potentially costly litigation. In almost every large case (and most cases the firm handles are large), Klein & Wilson prepares a litigation road map which the firm calls a “Litigation Analysis Memorandum.” One purpose of the Litigation Analysis Memorandum is to ensure the firm understands all the known facts before analyzing the applicable law. One mistaken material fact can dramatically impact the firm’s legal analysis. Once the client confirms the firm understands the facts, the firm provides the client a written analysis of the applicable law, the strengths and weaknesses of the case, and a litigation plan. When requested, Klein & Wilson also provides an anticipated budget for fees and costs based upon this analysis. Read the brochure below to get a better understanding of Klein & Wilson‘s Litigation Analysis Memorandum.


Litigation Roadmap Brochure

Klein & Wilson tells clients’ stories through animation and other multimedia tools. Klein & Wilson created an animation to better explain its Litigation Analysis Memorandum. See below.

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