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Case Results: LLC and LLP Disputes

Below is a list of some of the cases the firm has handled, not a complete list, and is not a guaranty of future results.

Venture Communications v. Falcon Communications
$26 Million
In 1992, Mr. Klein represented a limited partner in a cable franchise, alleging a variety of causes of action, including breach of fiduciary duty and fraud. Mr. Klein prevailed at trial and, after a court awarded judgment in favor of Mr. Klein’s client, Mr. Klein’s client received $26 million by way of settlement.

Project FasTags, Inc. v. Fascenelli
$1 Million

Klein & Wilson represented a partner in the breakup of a lucrative partnership. In addition to various breach of fiduciary duty claims, Klein & Wilson represented the client in claims of copyright and trademark violation. Klein & Wilson was able to achieve a settlement resulting in a payment to its client of just over $1 million . In addition, the client retained control of the business.

Youssefzadeh v. 740 South Broadway
Klein & Wilson represented an elderly partner who was cheated by his other partners, some of whom are family members. Klein & Wilson only stepped into the case after the client lost faith in the attorney handling the matter. In a bitterly fought arbitration, Klein & Wilson recovered $533,505 plus attorneys’ fees.

Sullivan v. Lone Eagle Enterprises, LLC
Klein & Wilson represented a client in a complex real estate partnership dispute. Within a few weeks of being retained and after taking a single deposition, Klein & Wilson recovered a $500,000 settlement for its client.

Does v. Roe LLC
After Klein & Wilson obtained an arbitration award of $825,000 for its client, the defendant tried to escape payment by creating new business entities. Klein & Wilson filed an action for fraudulent conveyance and related claims, causing the defendant to settle for a confidential amount.