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Construction litigation is a complex area of law

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2016 | Construction Litigation

Construction is a complicated industry. There are so many moving parts and complex plans in place that a construction project is almost guaranteed to have something go wrong — even if that defect or problem is extremely minor in nature.

Unfortunately, sometimes the defect or problem is dangerous and catastrophic. Maybe the design of the building was flawed. Maybe the materials used to build the building or renovate a floor were defective or improper. Maybe the contractor failed to follow standard industry or safety procedures, leading to massive problems with the project. In any case, these construction issues not only impact the contractors and construction workers: they impact the people and businesses who intend to use the building under construction.

Given the highly complicated nature of these problems, it is very important for clients who are looking to utilize a newly-constructed building or a newly-renovated building to have legal help. The issues of a construction project may not even be realized until years later, when a leak in the roof causes massive damage or the design of the building causes problems on the premises.

At Klein & Wilson, we have the experience to help clients with their construction litigation. These cases are often difficult, but with our extensive knowledge in the area of real estate law and construction litigation, we can help you with your case. The serious problems related to your specific case can be addressed effectively with our help, and it is our intent to find real solutions to the tough problems you currently face.