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California Supreme Court rules for Expo Light Rail Line

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2013 | Construction Litigation

The highest court in California has thrown out a lawsuit that aimed to stop the Expos Light Rail Line construction between Santa Monica and Culver City, California. The ruling by the state Supreme Court upheld the lower court’s decision, which found that the environmental review completed by the Exposition Construction Authority was appropriate.

A group of homeowners filed the lawsuit back in 2013. Known as the Neighbors for Smart Rail, they wanted the second phase of the rail line construction blocked because they did not believe the Exposition Construction Authority had properly studied how the rail line would affect the environment and traffic flow.

The chief executive officer for the Expo Construction Authority stated in a news release that the decision by the state Supreme Court was a “win for taxpayers and the future riders who will soon benefit from a direct connection between down Los Angeles and Santa Monica.” He also said that the Expo Construction Authority is committed to finishing the rail line in 2015 on budget and on time.

Neighbors for Smart Rail, however, were not pleased with the court’s decision. One of the board members said the court battle was “emotionally draining” and that it was never their intention to stop the construction of the rail line. They simply felt that the environmental review was not properly done.

The phase two extension is already underway and at a cost of $1.5 billion. This part of the rail line includes seven new stations. All of the bridges for phase two are under construction. Some of the stations required the widening of roads or the installation of concrete barriers. Phase one is already in use and opened last spring.

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