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Gerald A. Klein, P.C.

Training for Tomorrow: Teaching the Expert Who is Leader of the Band, Business Law Today (March 2014)

Making Your Partnership a Success, The Recorder (October 2013)

Telling a Winning Story at Trial, ABTL Report (Fall 2013)

Proving Evidence of Financial Condition in Punitive Damage Cases, OCTLA Gavel (Winter 2012)

The Art of Cross-Examination, OCTLA Gavel (Fall 2010)

Legal Malpractice, Klein & Wilson Website (June 2010)

Creating a Masterpiece: The Art of Direct Examination, OCTLA Gavel (Spring 2010)

Multi-Media Presentations in Mediation, Advocate (January 2006)

The CEO as Witness: Super Hero or Arch Villain, ABTL Report (Summer 2005)

Taking Care of Business on a Contingency Fee, OCTLA Gavel (April 2003)

Animations - Star Wars Technology in the Courtroom, Forum (December 1998)

Litigation: Using Mock Trials Effectively, California Lawyer (May 1998)

Multimedia Trial Presentations Increase Chances of Defense Verdicts at Trial, Claims People (June 1996)

Prop. 51 and the House that Tech-Bilt, California Lawyer (November 1986)

Mark B. Wilson, P.C.

The New (Old) Fraud Exception to the Parol Evidence Rule, OCTLA Gavel (Summer 2013)

Traps In A Commercial Unlawful Detainer Case, OCTLA Gavel (Winter 2013)

Witness Interviews: Who Is Off Limits and Who Is Fair Game?, OCTLA Gavel (Fall 2010)

Legal Malpractice, Klein & Wilson Website (Summer 2010)

The Trial Lawyer's Screenplay, OCTLA Gavel (Summer 2007)

Multimedia: An Unforgettable Trial Presentation, OCTLA Gavel (Fall 2006)

The Do's and Don'ts of Closing Arguments, OCTLA Gavel (Spring 2006)

The Parol Evidence Rule. The Gatekeeper of Evidence in Contract Cases, OCTLA Gavel (Fall 2005)

Mock Trials – One of the Most Powerful Tools for Case Evaluation and Trial Preparation, ABTL Report (Summer 2004)

Plaintiff's Right to Recover Medical Costs: How to Introduce Evidence of Actual Bills, OCTLA Gavel (Fall 2003)

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Choice of Law Issues, OCTLA Gavel (Spring 2003)

How to Get Your Attorneys' Fees Reimbursed!, Klein & Wilson Website

Contributed to 1992 Supplement of California Defect Litigation, by Thomas E. Miller

Law Firm Divorces: Who Keeps the Cases?, ABTL Report (Spring, 2017)

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