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Protecting clients in insurance litigation cases

Insurance companies do not have your best interests in mind, but Klein & Wilson makes sure these companies do what they have promised. If you need help getting what you deserve from insurance; call 949-239-0907 or visit

Transcript: GERALD KLEIN: We all buy insurance to protect ourselves from calamity. But when calamity strikes, there are some insurance companies that cannot live up to their promises. In those situations, Klein and Wilson represents insureds, and makes the insurance companies do what they’re supposed to do. Insurance companies write their policies to protect themselves, not you. Often, policies are filled with very small areas of coverage and endless exclusions. When you find yourself having to make an insurance claim, and an insurance company unwilling to respond, give us a call. We’ll look at your policy and tell you whether there’s coverage. And if there is, we’ll get you what you deserve.