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Experience in business and real estate litigation

If a dispute involves a real estate or business matter, Klein & Wilson can effectively handle it. Call today to learn about their trial experience and how you can seek the recovery you deserve. Contact the firm at 949-239-0907 or

Transcript: [MUSIC PLAYING] MARK WILSON: Klein and Wilson is best known for trying business litigation cases. GERALD KLEIN: Our firm has handled a wide array of business and real estate litigation. We’ve taken to trial partnership disputes, limited liability company disputes, trade secrets matters, even matters involving malpractice, where the underlying problem was a business dispute. If the case involves a business or real estate matter, we can handle it. MARK WILSON: And in one case, Gerry Klein and I tried a breach of contract case against Siemens, one of the largest companies in the world. Our client was providing services to Siemens and not getting paid over a long time. Siemens had every resource it could have. Our firm took on Siemens. And we convinced the jury to award our client almost $6 million, which is 99% of what our client requested at trial. GERALD KLEIN: Our firm has taken to trial literally dozens and dozens of cases. We’ve had tremendous success in the courtroom. And we’ve won over 90% of the cases we’ve taken to trial. MARK WILSON: Klein and Wilson has recovered over $100 million for clients in business litigation matters. And we have also won defense verdicts in bet-the-company cases. GERALD KLEIN: Often, the first instincts clients have when facing a bet-the-company case is to call a worldwide law firm. But these worldwide law firms generally do not have the trial expertise Klein and Wilson has. Give us a call, talk to us about our trial experience, and see if these big firms can match us. [MUSIC PLAYING]