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Thoughts on managing your online presence

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2018 | Intellectual Property

In the olden days (i.e. before the latest generation of smartphones became mainstream), it took a marketing company to generate a shrewd and creative marketing plan to establish a company’s brand. Nowadays, brands can be created in one’s living room. Indeed, an online presence is not terribly difficult to create, but it can be difficult to manage given the competing opinions and assumptions of an open marketplace.

Because of this, businesses must be mindful of their online presence and how they may be losing potential customers without even knowing it. This post will highlight a few things to be wary of. 

Realize that content is king – It’s more than just a marketing cliché. Consumers actually rely on the information businesses produce about their products and services. They review such information to make buying decisions from various sources, including yours. So having compelling content surrounding your product or service is critical.

Don’t ignore obvious networking channels – As we alluded to earlier, some businesses still rely on marketing companies to cultivate networking channels. But a company’s employees and customers are arguably the most insightful and persuasive people who can create networks for new business.

Read the room – It’s one thing to be mindful of negative comments and where they come from, but being able to capitalize on positive energy coming from what consumers express is another. Reading the room is essential for not allowing unique opportunities to slip by.

In the midst of managing your online presence, it is important to have experienced legal counsel to address legal issues that will arise. A skilled business law attorney can help you make informed decisions about your legal options.