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On trade secrets and the litigation they can be involved in

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2016 | Intellectual Property

If every soda company knew the ingredients to make Coca-Cola, don’t you think there would a flood of new versions of sodas that mimicked Coca-Cola? If every car company knew who to make Tesla vehicles, wouldn’t it be logical to assume that they would all make “Tesla-lites”? If every manufacturing process was the same because every process was optimized, would there be any differentiation between certain products?

The gist of what we are getting at here is that trade secrets and valuable information that companies safeguard are integral to the competitive nature of business, and they are what allow businesses to pursue greatness in the marketplace. To a very real degree, trade secrete and intellectual property not only protect businesses, they force other businesses to strive for greatness — which can only benefit the consumer.

Trade secrets, secret ingredients, and other valuable pieces of information must be safeguarded by companies, and the best way to do that is with patents, trademarks and other intellectual property actions and legal protections. If your closely held secret got out and your industry knew how you did things, then your company would suffer as a result.

Trade secret litigation is a very real concern for many companies out there, and they have to be ready to defend themselves, their products and their trade secrets should the unfortunate day arise when their information is leaked. If your company is in need of legal help in this regard, then consider the law firm of Klein & Wilson.