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Online concerns for small businesses on Small Business Saturday

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2015 | Business Litigation

We are less than two weeks away from a very big day for small businesses here in the United States. This day is Small Business Saturday, which is on Nov. 28 this year. This day aimed at promoting shopping at small businesses has been growing increasingly popular, and small businesses can end up seeing quite a bit of business on it.

On days where there is a lot of business, getting things just right can be important for a small business. Thus, Small Business Saturday is something small businesses may want to make preparations for. This includes online preparations. 

In today’s world, what sort of online presence a small business has and what actions it takes in regards to this presence can have significant impacts on what sort of business it ends up drawing in. Thus, it is not too surprising that, in a recent Entrepreneur article outlining some of the ways small businesses can prepare for Small Business Saturday, a fair number of the tips were Internet-related. 

Among the Internet-related things that could have impacts on a small business on Small Business Saturday are:

  • The overall state of its website.
  • How usable its website is on mobile devices. 
  • How secure the payment methods on its website are. 
  • What sort of online advertising it engages in regarding specials it has for Small Business Saturday.
  • What sort of social media presence it has and how it uses social media in relation to Small Business Saturday.

Thus, these are among the internet-related things small business may want to make preparations for and make sure are in proper order leading up to Small Business Saturday.

How a small business acts online can not only have impacts on what sort of business it draws in, but also what kinds of legal issues arise for the company. Some sorts of online conduct could give rise to legal issues or legal disputes with customers or other businesses. Small businesses that are facing legal disputes involving their internet presence should consider seeking out the advice of an attorney experienced in assisting companies in dealing with disputes.  

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