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Business dispute over; Michael Jackson tribute belt for sale

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2013 | Business Litigation

One might think that when someone dies the money that his name would earn would stop rolling in. For Michael Jackson, however, that clearly isn’t the case. His estate will continue to profit from his legacy through various means, including products related to the King of Pop.

Jackson left behind a will that essentially gives everything he had and earns to his mother and children. But he also has trustees, those who have a certain level of control over how funds and business connected to Jackson are handled. The trustees and Jackson’s family are not always on the same page which made for at least one business dispute that is now settled.

CNN reports that Jackson’s mother worked with a California company in the marketing of a leather, crystal-studded tribute belt. The accessory was to be sold in memory of Jackson for the price of $1,600 — a cost that would seem minimal to the numerous adoring Jackson fans and anyone who might want to sport some bling in memory of one of the biggest stars of all time.

The product was ready for sale three years ago but the sales were halted by the trustees. They reportedly wanted more knowledge regarding the business matter and hadn’t been involved in the business deal between Jackson’s mother and the California company. After a three-year wait, fans of Jackson now have access to the tribute belt. The parties have settled the matter out of court.

This business dispute is an example of how such matters can have an element of emotion to them. When family and business combine, it can be easy for parties to lose sight of right, wrong and what is in the best interest of the various entities tied into the situation.

Source: CNN, “Michael Jackson tribute belt cleared for sale,” Alan Duke, April 4, 2013