A trial firm that seeks to tell the client’s story

Klein & Wilson has recovered over $200 million for clients in legal malpractice and business litigation cases. Learn more about your legal options regarding a potential case by contacting the firm at 949-478-0521 or at www.kleinandwilson.com.

GERALD KLEIN: I'm Gerald Klein. I'm managing partner of Klein & Wilson. MARK WILSON: Hi. My name is Mark Wilson and I'm a partner of the law firm Klein & Wilson. GERALD KLEIN: We consider ourselves a trial firm, not a bunch of paper-pushers. What we do at trial is create a multimedia presentation that tells a client's story. And that makes all the difference. MARK WILSON: Klein & Wilson has recovered over $100 million for clients in business litigation and legal malpractice cases. We list some of our most significant results on our website and we invite prospective clients to review our website and see those results. GERALD KLEIN: Klein & Wilson knows how to try cases efficiently. We keep the client informed from the beginning of the case until the end of the case. We bring the client in to all of our decisions to make sure we're always following the client's lead and accomplishing the client's goals. We're able to handle a case more cost effectively than any law firm I know. MARK WILSON: When you hire Klein & Wilson, you get a partner assigned to your case from beginning to end. A partner who's tried many cases. Gerry Klein and I have over 60 years of trial experience. So you get the cost efficiencies of a small firm and great trial experience to boot. [MUSIC PLAYING]