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Trademarks are key when establishing your brand

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2018 | Intellectual Property

In a number of our posts, we have highlighted how some companies jealously protect them and how certain words and phrases may be protected even though they may seem too generic to merit protection.

However, we have not discussed the benefits of establishing a trademark as a business works to establish a brand. Trademarks are commonly thought of in the context of famous symbols or sayings, but they can be much more subtle and innocuous. This post will describe why trademarks are important to a business even in their infancy.

Communication tools – A logo or picture can convey emotional and intellectual attributes about your product or service, which reaches an emotional connection with consumers. Creating a communication that reaches these levels is especially important for new businesses.

Using social media – Not only do consumers search by name to locate a business, they also search by logo or picture. If you can be readily identified through Snapchat or Instagram, your chances of developing a following are much better.

Lifetime usage – Simply put, trademarks never expire. As long as you continue to use your mark in commerce, the protection that comes with it will continue to apply. One case in point, the trademark for Pepsi Cola still applies even though it was granted in 1896.

Suffice it to say, trademarks can be a critical aspect of a burgeoning business. While they can be very valuable, the availability of a mark should diligently and carefully researched before being put into use. An experienced intellectual property attorney can help with the process.