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Why hotels have such aggressive renovation timelines

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2017 | Construction Litigation

There are two things that drive people crazy when on vacation: bad traffic and construction noise. After all, most tourists go on vacation to get away from the trappings of their professional lives, and enduring traffic jams and construction sites are not tourist friendly by any stretch of the imagination.

But hotels are in a constant race to stay fresh and inviting, whether it is including the latest wireless connectivity, or changing the building’s aesthetics to make it modern and inviting. Indeed, many brands are embracing the trend of becoming “boutique” hotels by offering cutting edge designs in bathrooms and carpeting. Because of this, hotel renovations have notoriously aggressive schedules.

With tourists projected to have more disposable in the coming years, hotels do not want to lose money due to room displacement or the sight (and sound) of construction. A recent report highlighted how an Orange County hotel was renovated in just over two months.

The seven-story hotel had 252 guestrooms and multiple corridors. The contractor renovated 72 guestrooms and two floors of corridors every two weeks. The hotel remained operational throughout the renovation.

This process may be ideal for properties that experience a downturn after summer vacation for schools and after the holiday season.

The story also shows how important loss predictions may be in the even a renovation project is delayed and legal action is needed to resolve a dispute. An experienced construction litigation attorney can advise on damages questions so that a hotel can make informed decisions on how to proceed.

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