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Take steps now to protect your intellectual property

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2017 | Intellectual Property

In the world of today, information can spread faster than a wildfire. Even if you have simple ideas or concepts that you are still working on, they are at risk of infringement without proper protection. California has become a gathering place for intellectuals, all of them with valuable concepts that could one day become moneymaking business opportunities.

Without becoming a paranoid person who fears other individuals working in your field, how can you protect your intellectual property from infringement? We address this question often in our practice. Business and commercial law can be complex, but a forward-thinking person can indeed begin protecting property even at the idea stage. Below are three simple tips to put you on the right path.

— Avoid discussing your ideas with other people in your field until you have taken steps to secure it as intellectual property.

— Document your ideas and projects in detail by writing about them or drawing them and make sure even the most basic project notes are dated.

— Talk with a lawyer about protecting your property with a patent, by applying for a trademark or by copyright registration.

We also want those of you who have already suffered from intellectual property theft to understand that you do have options. You should never assume that nothing could be done to remedy your situation. Instead, choose a proactive approach by consulting with a law firm that has proven litigation experience.

Unfortunately, the world is filled with unscrupulous individuals who think nothing of claiming ownership of other people’s ideas and property. For additional information about protecting your intellectual property, please visit our website.