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Disputes between business partners can lead to legal claims

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2016 | Business Litigation

A partnership implies that two or more people are agreeing to work together to strive towards a common goal. A partnership is also a type of business that, unsurprisingly, sees two or more people own and run a company.

Given the fragile nature of business relationships, it is common for partners to, over time, have disagreements with each other. They may disagree over business philosophy; they may disagree with the way the company is approaching employment or other business relationships; and, in general, they may disagree over how to address tangible, important issues. These disagreements can lead to partnership disputes, and often these disputes require legal help to untangle and settle.

While it would be nice if every business partnership worked out in the end, that simply isn’t the way the world works. Some partners go out of their way to make things difficult. They may engage in illegal business practices by embezzling funds or selling off (or otherwise revealing) trade secrets. They may breach their fiduciary duty. Or, they may just have a legitimate dispute with their partner that doesn’t involve illegal activity. Regardless, it is not uncommon for business partners to see their relationship deteriorate over time. That doesn’t mean it has to end — but it does mean that the disagreement needs to be resolved.

Getting an attorney is vital in these circumstances to ensure that the dispute is handled properly and compliantly, and in the area of Newport Beach, California, Klein and Wilson are the experienced attorneys to know in case of a partnership dispute.