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Experience is a must in employment law cases

On Behalf of | May 24, 2016 | Business Litigation

Employment law extends far beyond the issues of salary or claims of discrimination, and the manner in which employment litigation is handled makes a big difference in outcome. Experienced employment law professionals know there isn’t always one path to what might be deemed success for a case. Winning in court is not always going to provide the best outcome for every situation, for example.

Our firm is experienced in a range of employment litigation matters, and we have had success at negotiating positive outcomes to keep businesses or former employees out of court. While negotiation and settlement can be a very powerful tool, we also know that a trial win can be as valuable in other cases. We take the time to understand both the nature and facts of your case and your goals with regard to litigation. With that information in mind, we recommend possible courses of action that we believe are most likely to result in fair outcomes for you.

In the past, our firm has handled employment litigation on behalf of employees who feel they suffered after a breach of contract. We’ve also worked with companies who are accused of breaking contracts or engaging in negligent business activities or tortious interference. We’ve helped our clients settle claims with former employers, protected our clients from allegations of stealing trade secrets and assisted executive job seekers who might otherwise have been hobbled by non-compete clauses.

If you are facing a business lawsuit or legal matter, you might be tempted to deal with it alone. Having an experienced legal team on your side helps increase the chance at a good outcome, especially if you are pitted against a large company with legal resources.