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Trademark registration has a long history in California

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2016 | Intellectual Property

The California State Archives have made thousands of old trademark images available for viewing online. These trademark images are from the 1861 to 1900 period, and regard all different sorts of products. 

This online digital archive of California trademark images not only presents an interesting resource for history enthusiasts and individuals interested in commercial art. It also serves as a reminder of how long of a history trademark registration has here in California.  

California was the first state in the country to have general trademark statutes. In 1861, the state passed a law regarding the registration of trademarks for bottled products. It then passed a law in 1863 extending the availability of state trademark registration to other products. These California statues preceded federal trademark legislation by several years. 

Getting state and federal registration for trademarks they use can have various upsides for businesses.

Trademark registration has been present in California for over 150 years. The state and society have seen so very many changes over this time period. One thing that has remained the case though over this time is that trademark protection can be incredibly important for businesses. 

Trademarks can have significant value for a business. So, when one of the trademarks that it uses is being infringed upon, the stakes can be remarkably high for a business. Intellectual property litigation attorneys can help businesses that have been subjected to trademark infringement with taking actions to protect their trademarks and provide them with guidance throughout the various steps taking such actions can involve.

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