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Businesses subjected to unfair competition have rights

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2016 | Business Torts

So much can be at stake in competition between businesses. Thus, it is of little surprise that such competition can get rather heated. In the midst of such heated competition, there are many different tactics a business may turn to try to get a leg up on their competitors.

Of course, businesses can’t simply do anything to best competitors here in California. Some types of conduct cross the line and constitute unfair competition.

Unfair actions by a competitor can greatly harm a business. An important thing for businesses to know is that unfair competition is not something they have to put up with. California law has a rather broad definition of prohibited unfair competition and provides legal remedies to businesses that have been subjected to unfair competition by a competitor.

Now, there are challenges that can come up when it comes to responding to unfair business conduct by a competitor. One is that it can sometimes be difficult to ascertain whether a given practice a competitor engaged in would be considered unfair competition under state law.

Obviously, whether or not a given type of competitor conduct falls under the state’s definition of unfair competition deeply impacts what sorts of legal options a business has. Thus, when a business has been subjected to competitor conduct that it views as fishy, it shouldn’t simply guess as to whether the conduct is unfair or not. Rather, it should have an experienced business attorney provide it with clarification on the matter and explanations of the choices it has.