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Protecting intellectual property in California

On Behalf of | May 13, 2015 | Intellectual Property

Trademarks and copyrights offer intellectual property protection for businesses who come up with new ideas. However, an idea may unintentionally become popular or otherwise become noticeable thanks to social media. There are a variety of steps that a business owner can take to protect intellectual property and keep potential imitators from stealing an idea or creating similar marks or content.

First, a business may wish to file an intent to use trademark with the U.S Patent and Trademark Office. What this does is establishes a date when the mark was first used that coincides with when it first enters the marketplace. In the event that someone tries to infringe on the trademark, a business can prove in court that it had formally protected that piece of intellectual property. If possible, businesses may want to register relevant domain names to stop others from capitalizing on a name or phrase.

Domain names can be purchased in minutes for a low price, and doing so may bolster a company’s claim on a piece of intellectual property. Another step a company can take is to register for a copyright related to the artistic design even if it isn’t related to a specific good or service. After a trademark or copyright has been acquired, it is important to enforce them to ensure a favorable outcome in the event of an intellectual property dispute.

Protecting intellectual property is generally a top priority for any company regardless of how long it has been in existence. The assistance of an attorney may make it easier to file for trademark or copyright protection. The attorney may be able to help make sure that the application is filled out and filed properly.