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How a ‘naked’ contestant is suing the ‘pants’ off a TV network

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2014 | Contract Disputes

If you agree to appear on a show entitled “Dating Naked” chances are that you are going to be seen in your birthday suit at some point during the show. However, given that the show is not on a premium cable network (i.e. one that allows nudity) much of the naked body will be blurred out or pixilated.

Despite this, a model who appeared on the show is suing VH-1 for failing to keep her nudity concealed. She claims that she was “manipulated and lied to” when she was told that her private parts were going to be blurred for the show. It appears that an editing error may have led to her privates being seen during a segment of the show.

She claims that her reputation has been damaged and that she has been mocked mercilessly on Internet chat boards and Twitter. She further claims that her grandmother has shunned her and the man that she was dating (ostensibly outside of the show) has stopped taking her calls.

Through her complaint, she is asking the court to award her 10 million dollars.

In light of the irony of this story (a person appearing on a show to be naked, and suing the “pants” off the network), it is an example of the need for experienced legal counsel to determine if the contract between the woman and the network was in fact breached. Also, questions must be answered as to whether any disputes under the contract are to be resolved through arbitration.

It remains to be seen where the lawsuit will go from here.