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How small business owners can develop confidence

On Behalf of | May 5, 2014 | Intellectual Property

Business leaders may seem like they are born with all the attributes that make a successful entrepreneur: leadership skills, public speaking gifts and above all else, confidence. However, the reality is that these skills are actually developed over time. So what should small business owners focus on in order to hone these skills? This post will highlight a few steps.

Know your end game – It is important to know what you want. Starting a business simply because you want some money is a losing proposition. That’s why knowing what is important to you is critical because if you are able to answer that question, the money will come.

Have positive energy – A majority of human thoughts each day are negative.  As a small business owner, you are likely to have worries and concerns that will take up most of your day. Because of this, positive energy is important. This includes focusing on hopes and dreams and being grateful for the opportunities that you have.

Have mentors – Whatever your business may be, chances are that there are others who have done what you set out to do before. Those people can offer invaluable advice and guidance. So having a mentor is essential to gaining confidence and skills that an entrepreneur can have.

Be prepared to bounce back – Failure does not destroy confidence by itself. Its not learning from mistakes and getting back up that ultimately dooms a business owner. Using an analogy from baseball, the biggest home run leaders also have the most strikeouts. So if you swing and miss on a project, don’t be afraid to step up again. 

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