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Debts from festival still unpaid in Napa Valley

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2013 | Contract Disputes

Back in June, we told you about the BottleRock festival in Napa Valley, California, that had turned into a huge litigation mess of contract disputes over unpaid debts. That story continues today, with the rock festival’s organizers still making promises and not delivering payments.

There is a lot of money owed – more than $2.5 million. That amount includes $630,000 owed to almost 150 union employees who worked during the five-day music festival. In addition, the City of Napa Valley and the venue where the festival was held is owed more than $105,000. A proposed settlement with Napa Valley Expo and the city has not been paid. In September, BottleRock offered to pay just over $14,000, but the city’s attorney rejected that proposal.

BottleRock has been looking for investors to help the beleaguered company settle its debts and move forward with plans for the same festival in 2014. Live Nation has apparently expressed interest in investing, even sending a representative to speak with city officials and business owners about other music festivals. The hope was that Live Nation would help out the troubled company.

There has been no other word on whether Live Nation is still interested in investing; however, there are now multiple lawsuits against BottleRock for monies promised during the May festival. Wine Country Helicopters filed three different small claims suits for $16,000. According to the owner of the business, BottleRock has only paid out just under $17,000 on the $33,500 bill.

Other unpaid debts include $190,000 to Up & Under Catering (which BottleRock disputes), $217,000 to NES West Security and $27,500 to Green Mary Zero Waste Events. It is not currently known if BottleRock will be able to pay off their creditors in time to properly promote the festival for 2014.

A contract dispute can be very contentious, as there is no one who doesn’t like getting paid what they are promised. Business litigation attorneys can help propose settlements in such disputes, providing additional options and rights that may not have been previously known.

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