A popular e-commerce shoe and clothing site, Just Fab, has filed a lawsuit against another similar retailer, Fab.com, alleging trademark infringement, unfair competition and other claims. The suit was filed on July 24 in the U.S. Central District of California.

Just Fab’s lawsuit alleges that Fab.com has infringed on its trademark because of a confusingly similar name. In addition, the plaintiff claims that Fab.com’s services are simply too close to the same ones offered by Just Fab. Fab.com began as a social networking-driven retailer, but changed in 2011 to an e-commerce site that provides discounts for members. That is very similar to Just Fab.

Just Fab started in 2010 as Just Fabulous, and the company has been buying up many of the other websites that have “Fab” in their names. These include “Fab Shoes,” a site out of Europe, and “Fab Kids.” However, Fab.com could prove to be a little more difficult to purchase since it was recently valued at $1 billion.

The lawsuit is asking the court to prevent Fab.com from selling any items that are in direct competition with Just Fab. In addition, the company wants Fab.com to pay for any revenue they lost as a result of the brand confusion.

Just Fab and Fab.com both provide deals for site members and both sites carry a lot of identical brands. Fab.com seems to be moving towards a “social-commerce-style follower model,” while Just Fab is staying with its “subscription-commerce model.”

If you own a business, you must do all you can to protect it. This includes filing lawsuits in civil court to protect your trademark from infringement by other businesses or individuals. If you believe your company is the victim of trademark infringement, contact a California business law attorney. These professionals will work diligently to protect your company’s interests.

Source:  techcrunch.com, “Just Fab Sues Fab Over Trademark Infringement, Unfair Competition And More. Fab Says It Will “Aggressively Defend Our Brand”” Ingrid Lunden, Jul. 29, 2013