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City of Pacifica sued to stop Highway 1 widening project

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2013 | Business Torts

A resident in Pacifica, California, has filed a lawsuit against the city in hope of stopping a construction project on Highway 1. The planned project is supposed to add two more lanes to 1.3 miles of the highway between Fassler Avenue and Reina Del Mar.

The plaintiff in the case is just one of more than 36 residents that signed a letter back in March asking the city council to look more closely at the construction plans for the highway project. Some of the residents’ concerns included that fact that the plans did not include a plan for traffic flow during the construction phase or a plan for providing access to business in the construction zone. In addition, the residents felt the city did not consider the aesthetic impact of retaining and sound walls or the impact the construction would have on businesses after it was completed.

The lawsuit seeks to have the project blocked. The city’s attorney said that while the municipality is considering the plaintiff’s concerns, the lawsuit is without merit and doesn’t have any claim. She also said it is unreasonable for the project not to move forward. She has petitioned the court to have the lawsuit dismissed.

The Highway 1 widening construction project is part of a larger project paid for by Measure A funding and lead by the California Department of Transportation.

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