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Unfair Competition and Trade Secrets

Intellectual Property Attorneys

Unfair Competition and Trade Secrets

In today's modern world of trade and commerce, a company's success is often tied to its ability to protect its intellectual capital. Intellectual property like trademarks, trade secrets, and trade dress are often vital to the continued success of corporate entities. Often this intellectual property is the most valuable asset a company owns.

The ability to compete in an open and free market is another right which is crucial to the success of corporate entities. Klein & Wilson's attorneys are committed to helping clients pursue and defend claims of trade secret theft and unfair competition.

Trade Secret Theft

Companies are increasingly relying upon trade secrets to provide them with a strategic advantage over competitors. A fluid employment market has led to numerous disputes regarding the theft of trade secrets. Klein & Wilson has obtained significant case results representing companies and employees in trade secret disputes. Because these cases tend to be very expensive to try, it is essential for a law firm to plan early and constantly reevaluate its strategy in order to minimize legal fees that could potentially crush the client.

Unfair Competition

"Unfair competition" is a broad concept and continues to be shaped by California's courts, the legislature, and the electorate. Klein & Wilson has represented plaintiffs and defendants in unfair competition cases arising from trade secret theft, trademark infringement, employee theft, unfair advertising, and defamation. See the significant case results page for a description of some of the types of matters Klein & Wilson has handled.

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