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Industries primed for startup growth

Steady growth in America’s economy means that opportunities for individuals to start their own businesses will increase as well. There are a number of trends that speak towards this possibility. This post will highlight specific areas of growth and financial indicators.

Electronic commerce – While traditional brick-and-mortar retailers continue to struggle to draw customers to stores, online retailers continue to enjoy success. With disposable income projected to grow this year and beyond, online businesses are viable investments. 

Trademarks can become the beloved face of a business

You are at the grocery store stocking up on the basics you and your family need for the week. While in the beverage section look around you. What are you drawn to? What did you put into your cart?

Maybe you picked the American classic Coca-Cola. You like the taste. But you probably also like the classic emblem on the packaging. You are devoted to the brand and its essence. That is the potential power of a trademark. 

Coach and Kate Spade to merge

It’s no secret that retailers are struggling in 2017. Recent news about the fall of Macy’s earnings and JC Penney’s struggles exemplify the challenges retailers deal with as more customers search for merchandise online as opposed to in stores. Because of this, retailers are forced to make changes in how they present merchandise and fulfill orders.

The recent announcement of Coach and Kate Spade merging exemplifies these decisions. A CNNMoney.com report highlighted the consolidation between the luxury handbag maker and it main competitor in what is anticipated to be a $2.4 billion deal. By combining their inventory management and supply chains, the two companies expect to save around $50 million each year.  This will undoubtedly add to Coach’s profitability and save Kate Spade money. 

The Ninth Circuit Expands the Reach of Retaliation Claims under Dodd-Frank

If your client is an employer in any of the states in the Ninth Circuit, including California, the client's chances of being sued for a retaliatory discharge under Dodd-Frank may have increased exponentially.  

When is a house problem technically a legal defect?

Anyone who has owned a home is likely to refer to home ownership as a bittersweet experience. Yes, being a homeowner is part of the American dream. A sense of pride comes with having afforded a house and providing a home for your family to enjoy.

Then, however, there is the reality that often sets in: a house can be a money pit. When is a house more than the predictable source of to-do lists? When is something that needs fixing in a home a potential legal issue worth pursuing? Construction defect laws can protect homeowners from the cost of certain serious complications.

On World Intellectual Property Day, review how IP laws impact you

There are awareness efforts and holidays that cover just about anything. Most of these days of observation are for good reason. Life and history give the world reasons to celebrate, become informed, advocate for change and join together for common causes. 

Today, on April 26, people throughout the world recognize the day as World Intellectual Property Day. What does this mean? From coast to coast, state to state, country to country, continent to continent, entrepreneurs, students, consumers and society overall should take the time to contemplate the impact of intellectual property rights within their lives.

Tips for protecting business assets from cyber attacks

While large scale cyber attacks have not garnered national headlines in a while, cyber-theft should remain something that businesses worry about. This is because Fortune 500 companies and federal agencies are not the only entities hackers will try to attack. In fact, businesses of all sizes across different industries are susceptible of being pilfered. So small businesses must be just as vigilant in protecting sensitive information.

From a pure business perspective, startup companies have to respond quickly to cyber attacks in order to compete for business and to establish trust with their clients.  The old preparation adage “if you prepare for the worst, you can expect the best” comes into play.

Three ways to protect business assets in financial downturns

While the market has not shown much of the volatility that investors came to expect over the past few years, abrupt changes to the market can threaten investors’ confidence and lead to further financial turmoil. Because of this, prudent businesspeople plan for market tremors. In the same vein, small business owners can safeguard their company’s holdings when the market goes awry. This post will highlight a few options.

Four ways to avoid lawsuits and save money

There’s an old adage about business; if you’re in business long enough, you will eventually be sued. While many business owners can identify with that adage, it does not mean that your next lawsuit is already on the horizon. It basically means that given today’s litigious business climate, businesses should take certain steps to mitigate disputes that can lead to lawsuits.

With that, we offer several tips that can help. 

What to do after a data breach to avoid potential lawsuits

When a business deals with sensitive customer information, it is important to implement measures to avoid a data breach. Many companies employ a range of preventive measures, including thorough employee training and sophisticated security software.

While prevention is indeed a key component to fighting against the threat of a data breach, it is also vital to have protocol and procedures in place to employ if a data breach occurs.

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