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Shareholder Disputes

One of the Leading Shareholder Dispute Litigation Firms in Orange County, California

Shareholder disputes are common in closely held corporations. Most of these disputes can be resolved among the shareholders with little, if any, assistance by attorneys. Unfortunately, sometimes the disputes cannot be resolved without the help of counsel. Lay people often do not understand the strict requirements placed on shareholders by the California Corporations Code. Accordingly, sometimes well meaning individuals in control of a company can take decisive actions that expose the company and management to liability and even punitive damages. Sometimes, heavy handed controlling shareholders overstep their authority either through aggressive actions designed to wrest control from minority members or to divert money to themselves. In such cases, minority members must act quickly and decisively to protect their interests.

Klein & Wilson has experience litigating corporate disputes against small and large companies, including bringing derivative actions when necessary. As with all types of litigation, Klein & Wilson tries to ascertain the underlying cause of a dispute at the outset of a case, hoping to formulate a winning settlement strategy to avoid what can become crushing legal fees for the parties. While Klein & Wilson prefers to resolve corporate disputes in the boardroom, its skilled and experienced trial attorneys can bring a successful resolution to shareholder cases in the courtroom, if necessary. Klein & Wilson has the experience and expertise to bring in knowledgeable experts and formulate a winning trial strategy that ordinary jurors can understand. See significant case results for examples of cases Klein & Wilson has handled on behalf of shareholders.

Partnership Disputes and LLC Disputes

Klein & Wilson also assists clients in partnership disputes, LLC disputes, and other business litigation matters. For additional areas of practice, visit the firm's Areas of Trial Practice .

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