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LLC and LLP Disputes

One of the Leading Business Litigation Firms in Orange County, California

Business entities known as limited liability companies and limited liability partnerships are relative newcomers to the business entities recognized under California law. These entities are hybrids between partnerships and corporations, and California law is still in its infancy in regulating them. Klein & Wilson brings insight into these corporate structures and helps guide its clients in navigating their way through disputes involving these entities. In particular, Klein & Wilson can help clients understand the operating agreements they signed (and often never read) to identify their rights and resolve disputes in their favor. When Klein & Wilson's clients cannot reach an out-of-court resolution with operating managers, Klein & Wilson's skilled trial attorneys can maximize client success in the courtroom.

What Sets Klein & Wilson Apart From Other Firms

What makes Klein & Wilson so unique is its combination of strength and service. Klein & Wilson has battled some of the finest law firms in the nation and achieved stunning results. In addition to the firm's litigation success, the firm continues to place a premium on customer service. Klein & Wilson's clients receive highly personalized service from a firm that understands the importance of courtesy and professionalism. Our clients are the reason we are in business.

Other Business Disputes

Klein & Wilson also assists clients in shareholder disputes, contract disputes and other commercial litigation matters. For additional areas of practice, visit the firm's Areas of Trial Practice .

Contact Klein & Wilson

To speak with a lawyer at Klein & Wilson about a limited liability partnership dispute or a LLC dispute, call (949) 631-3300 or toll free (877) 857-0073, or contact the firm online.

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