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Contingency Fees: Business Litigation

Business Litigation on a Contingency Fee Basis

It is said that the contingency fee arrangement levels the playing field in the courtroom and allows the small to take on the mighty. When a client hires a law firm on a contingency fee basis, the client does not pay any legal fees until the law firm recovers money from the defendant. While the Yellow Pages are filled with lawyers ready to handle personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, there are only a few law firms willing to take business litigation matters on a contingency fee basis. Most personal injury lawyers lack the skill and experience to handle business cases on a contingency fee basis and, therefore, refuse to accept business litigation matters on a contingency fee basis. Likewise, big firms that charge high hourly fees - often $700 per hour or more - are unwilling to accept risk in handling business litigation matters since their high hourly rates build in a substantial profit margin without risk. Klein & Wilson has established itself as one of the premier law firms in Orange County willing to accept business cases on a contingency fee basis.

Often, small companies cannot compete with the financial resources of larger adversaries.  As a result, small businesses with meritorious claims often cannot afford the heavy legal costs of high-quality lawyers and, therefore, must settle cases for pennies on the dollar or abandon any hope of recovery altogether. Klein & Wilson's contingency fee option allows individuals and small companies with meritorious claims, in significant business litigation matters (in excess of $1 million), to hire the highest quality attorneys without paying legal fees until the dispute is resolved. Klein & Wilson has recovered millions of dollars for companies that might otherwise have recovered nothing but for the firm's willingness to work on a contingency fee basis.

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