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Involved in a trade secret dispute? We can help

Klein & Wilson has represented both companies and employees in trade secret matters of all kinds. Protect your future well-being and financial interests by contacting this experienced team at 949-239-0907 or at

Transcript: [MUSIC PLAYING] GERALD KLEIN: One common misunderstanding is that trade secrets have to have some ultra sophistication. That’s just not true. Not every trade secret is the formula to Coca-Cola. Trade secrets can include customer lists, processes, ways of doing things, virtually anything that gives you an advantage over your competitor and your competitor might not know about. For many of our clients, trade secrets are their most important assets. These trade secrets can be jeopardized when employees leave a company. When that happens, it is critical to take action immediately and make sure something is done to protect valuable trade secrets, which your company depends upon. Trade secret laws, not only important for employers to know, but employees as well. If you’re leaving a job, you need to know how to do it correctly or you may find yourself on the wrong end of a trade secrets lawsuit. Klein and Wilson has represented employees leaving a company and helped those employees leave without having to risk a lawsuit. The scary thing about trade secrets litigation is that you often have to burn the village to save the village. People don’t want to put their trade secrets in public. And for that reason, very few cases actually go to trial. Klein and Wilson is one of the few firms that has extensive trial experience handling trade secret matters. [MUSIC PLAYING]