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$250 million fine for Rambus in patent infringement case

A patent infringement case between Rambus Inc. and SK Hynix took another turn earlier this month when a federal judge in San Jose, California, levied a huge sanction against Rambus. The fine of $250 million was for destroying documentation dealing with the company's current lawsuit against Hynix.

Three Orange County retailers charged selling counterfeit goods

Three Orange County, California, retailers are facing felony charges as part of Operation Fashion Faux Pas, which is an investigation by Homeland Security Investigations. The investigation has been ongoing for several months, and two of the three people charged have previous convictions for state intellectual property violations.

California oil companies voice trade secrets concern

California is the fourth-largest producer of oil in the United States. If oil companies can tap into a deposit in the Monterey Shale, another 15.4 billion barrels of oil could be unlocked. To get at this deposit, the companies would need to use a process called hydraulic fracturing, in which they shoot water, sand and chemicals into the ground to break up the rock that holds the oil.

College student's side job sparks U.S. Supreme Court copyright case

A man from Thailand who came to the U.S. for school was met with the surprise that most new college students in this country are met with once they begin college: school textbooks are outrageously expensive. Instead of simply complaining about the problem, this particular student made a business out of the obvious dilemma.

Hollywood goes on the attack against illegal use of content in apps

Think of the last time you used an app related to the film industry on your phone or tablet. Maybe you watched clips of a movie or made a scene from a television show as your phone's wallpaper. When scrolling through wallpaper options, the concept of whether this app used those images legally probably never crossed your mind. The illegal use of content produced by studios in Hollywood, however, has become a huge issue -- one that Hollywood is fighting to control.

EA, Zynga resolve copyright dispute over alleged 'Sims' theft

Copyright law is something that creative companies take very seriously, so when they suspect another company of stealing the product or concept, some choose to take legal action. That is exactly what happened last summer in California when Electronic Arts accused Zynga of copyright infringement.

MGA loses $172M in copyright case with Mattel

Some Orange County residents who are interested in business news may have heard about the years-long battle between MGA Entertainment and Mattel over who owns the rights to Bratz dolls. A few years ago, Mattel took MGA to court, saying that it stole the idea for the Bratz dolls. MGA then countered, saying it had been victimized by trade-secret theft.

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