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Case Results: Criminal Law

Below is a list of some of the cases the firm has handled, not a complete list, and is not a guaranty of future results.

People v. Roes
(Case Dismissed)
The case arose from false accusations against long time clients who wanted Klein & Wilson to take the lead rather than criminal counsel. The case was closely related to a pending insurance dispute between the clients and their worker’s compensation carrier. To put more leverage on the clients to resolve the insurance disputes, the insurance carrier turned the matter over to the District Attorney (“DA”) for criminal prosecution. Klein & Wilson made repeated visits to the DA to convince him not to press charges, but the DA’s office felt compelled to press charges for “political” reasons. Klein & Wilson decided to present an aggressive defense at the preliminary hearing to exonerate the clients rather than take the typical approach and wait for trial. After Klein & Wilson filed a detailed preliminary hearing brief and motion to dismiss, the DA saw the writing on the wall and voluntarily dismissed the criminal case. While Klein & Wilson has had some big cases, this result was the most satisfying in the firm’s history because the stakes were so high – years in prison and financial ruin for the clients. As a result of Klein & Wilson‘s efforts, the clients have no criminal record – nor should they.

People v. John Doe
(Not Guilty Verdict)
Klein & Wilson defended a young man wrongfully accused of dealing narcotics. Klein & Wilson proved the drug dealer was the client’s roommate, not the client himself. Although the rate of acquittal in Orange County criminal actions is less than 5 percent (5%), Klein & Wilson obtained a verdict of not guilty.